RIP Robin Williams

I must have watched Jumanji and Mrs Doubtfire a million times, plus a lot of his other movies. Most recently I watched his show ‘The Crazy Ones’ and while I didn’t like the show all that much, he was still hilarious in it. There’s no doubt that he was an extremely talented actor; he will definitely be missed by a lot of people.




  1. Man I watched Aladin so many times I used to be able to recite it from memory.

    Looking back, even I’m surprised how much I kept running into him during my childhood.

    Rock on, Mr Williams. We will miss you.


    1. I don’t remember Aladdin much, but my mother was saying that we used to watch it. He was definitely a familiar face while I was growing up. It’s a shame that future generations won’t get to see him in anything new (past whatever he’d already filmed).


  2. I watched Aladdin, Jumanji, and Mrs. Doubtfire a LOT growing up. Bicentennial Man was another favorite. I didn’t see too much of The Crazy Ones but when I did see it Robin Williams was wonderfully insane and funny. A man who brought a lot of people a lot of joy and he will be missed.


    1. He definitely will be missed. His scenes with James Wolk on The Crazy Ones were truly hilarious. I felt like they let him go too far with the adlibbing but I couldn’t help but laugh anyway. It seems so alien that behind the scenes he was battling depression. Life sucks sometimes.



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