retrosnark: 2×09 (Croatoan); 2×10 (Hunted)


I decided to marathon watch season 2 and then sort of gave up one minute into 2×01. Oops. But anyway, that doesn’t mean that I can’t write up a retrosnark post. I still remember the episodes because I used to watch them everyday. Haha. I led (and still lead) a sad life. 🙂


I really used to love this episode! I’m sure I still do but…I probably won’t watch it again for a LONG time, so I don’t know.

High points: Jared looked normal. Jensen SOUNDED normal. The plot actually made sense. Dean not wanting to leave Sam on his own.


Sam managing to beat the infection (gosh, back when I actually wanted Sam to live!).

Low points: That whole scene where Dean tries to go somewhere and the road is blocked off. I just thought it was kind of hilarious. Does that make it a high point? Duane Tanner was annoying as hell. The screaming, the crying, oy…Sam slamming his hand on that table while a river of Padalecki tears flood his face. Seriously it looks like someone sprays onion juice at him and basically forces him to cry on command. I mean, I liked using this scene for videos for but in reality it’s just so ridiculous to me haha.

How the episode would go if it aired today: They discover the sign on the tree bark. Castiel appears out of nowhere and says some bullshit about the angels. Crowley appears and says some shit about life. Dean growls at everyone and then tries to steal the infection from Sam’s blood via a curly straw. Upon learning that he cannot steal said infection, Dean cries and then prays to Castiel (I’ve accepted that the writers don’t know what praying is, I can’t argue with myself them anymore). Castiel swoops in saves the day. We all fall asleep. At the end of the episode we find out that the real Sam was buried in a ditch somewhere, being held captive until he sang the words the every Britney Spears song that he knows.


Another one of my favorite episodes. Mostly because Gordon Walker was a badass.

High points: Sam running away. I’m sorry, but it’s just funny now that I think about it. Finally finding out what John whispered! Gordan kidnapping Dean and Sam finding him and dodging that bomb!! Woo!! Go Team Winchester. Jared looked normal!!! Dean didn’t growl his words. Those last two are basically universal high points for earlier seasons of this show.

Low points: Sam being a bit of a brat. Ava. Gordon being caught by the police. Dean dragging out that ‘before he died, Dad told me something’ speech.

How the episode would go if it aired today: Dean tells Sam what’s up. Sam flips out and says he’s leaving as soon as they kill whoever the awful Big Bad is. Sam grows antlers and destroys some of Dean’s tapes. Dean cries. Sam and Dean sulk in the house. They go out on a job, save no one, come back home and sulk. Oh and then Sam’s arm would start to glow mysteriously.



  1. you are doing the lords work shitting on this terrible show. if I may, please go even harder, bc this garbage offends me on a deep, deep level



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