Dream a little dream…

…of Jared and Jensen.

Seriously, every time I watch an episode, they Freddy Krueger-without-the-murder me in my dreams. Somebody save me!  Please. My dreams are usually a douche-free zone. I have a standard to maintain.

Out of idleness and boredom, I ventured onto Jared’s Twitter the other day and I didn’t have to look too far to come across whiny, entitled tweets. First he was outraged that Apple don’t offer more than 50GB in their storage plans…which sounds reasonable to me, and even if it isn’t, there are other storage sites compatible with Apple products. Further up, he was arguing with some company that he bought something from in an auction that were doing this and that, and wouldn’t reply to his DM blah, blah, blah, with CAPITALISED words for emphasis. I don’t know or care about the details but if some asshole was being rude to me on Twitter, I wouldn’t respond to them either.

I don’t even get this whole complaining on Twitter thing, unless it’s to a handle specifically designed to problems. Especially with the “.@twitter blah blah blah” business so everything fucking follower can see you ranting and the 1% of your 1.5m (did someone buy him some followers? That was nice of them) followers that actually give a shit can target the account and prevent other people from getting help. And then next thing you now, it’s the company that’s bullying him.

I back-clicked off his page so fast, there’s only so much bs I can sift through. Last time I checked nobody died and made him royalty.


Anyway, onto other things. I’ve been watching Spartacus and while it really isn’t my type of show, I really like it. It took a while to get used to the slow-motion blood splatter and fight scenes (every single one!), but eventually I got used to it. The sword fights are kind of cool, and the right people die at the right time. Plus, it’s only three seasons long so there was no time for it to jump the shark and have Spartacus tousling with angels, demons and ‘The Gods’. Something which I am very grateful for! After  I’m done with the show I’m contemplating catching up with Person of Interest and The Mentalist.

With POI, I really had no idea what the fuck happened after Carter died but the finales are always exciting. With The Mentalist….I quit the show completely after the Red John crap but now that I know it’s ending next year, I’ll probably finish it (while banging my head against the wall at the sillier parts).

And thus endeth my slightly random update. 😉



  1. I don’t know what happened to Jpad either. He used to come across as a nice guy, now he’s a whiny, entitled brat who makes sour-grapes comments about far more rich and famous people and/or complaining about ‘poor service’.

    My guess is that it’s dawning on him that his movie star ambitions aren’t going to happen and he’s taking it out on the world.

    I plan to watch S10 for the snark factor.

    I’m now of the opinion that all shows should be cancelled after 4-5 seasons tops. Let them go out when they’re still good.


    1. He’s fake basically. Nice to your face, but secretly hates everything and everyone except for his “perfect” self and life…

      he’s a whiny, entitled brat who makes sour-grapes comments about far more rich and famous people and/or complaining about ‘poor service’.

      Couldn’t have said it better tbh. I’m not sure why he’d go after people more famous than he is in a day and age where everybody can see what is being said about them. Clearly he knows his career is deader than his chances of ever having a decent haircut ever again. The poor service tweets are the worst ones…nothing gives him the right to talk to people that way. What really annoys me though, are his fans. All of their ‘I love JARPAD HE’S THE ONLY ONE WHO SPEAKS HIS MIND AND SAYS IT HOW IT IS’ bs is fucked up. There’s nothing nice about being a complete prick.

      I’m hearing that season 11 is apparently all signed up for. I’m done after 10. I can’t do anymore. I need to draw up a ‘Supernatural Is Ending For You’ contract for myself and record myself signing it!

      I agree with that, though based on every show I’ve watched past the third season, I’d go as far as to say it shouldn’t be more than 3. I think that would even be better for networks and actors alike. However, that probably wouldn’t work for The CW who continue to produce turd after turd and rely on SPN & V. Diaries…to keep people watching…*sigh*


      1. Season 11! Are you kidding me! Send me a copy of that contract. I don’t know why I’m watching either. I don’t even find them attractive anymore.

        “He’s fake basically. Nice to your face, but secretly hates everything and everyone except for his “perfect” self and life…”

        I get the same vibe from Jensen, with extra d-bagness. I don’t think too much of multi-millionaire celebs who exhort their fans to pony up cash for their pet charities then act as if they’re the generous ones because they managed to extract a few thousand bucks from the wallets of much poorer folks. Yeah, I’ve been on IMDB and TWOP hearing about what a saint he is for raising money from his fans for some charity, while he’s worth millions. I think it the amount was about 1% of his net worth or something. Yeah, a real Mother Teresa.

        Anyway, Jared should have left the show after Friday the 13th, and tried his luck in Hollywood. Either that or be glad he’s not waiting tables/doing dinner theatre.


        1. I don’t find them attractive anymore either, and laughing at the failure the show has become isn’t even that appealing anymore. It just bores me.
          Oh, I totally agree about Jensen. I’ve never taken to him the way other people have. Things like yelling at fans and being grumpy at cons made me realize he was an ass a long time ago. Plus he has said some crazy things. Of course, his fans find that endearing. *eye roll*

          Do you mean the charity for his nephew? That whole thing makes me feel uncomfortable because people who donate get a signed picture of him and his nephew and to me that’s weird. And also, yeah, taking money from fans is always a little contentious. I remember when Misha did that run for was it, Haiti? And people donated per km he ran. I pledged some money and regretted it after. Charity work is one thing, but getting fans to bankroll it is wrong. I always side eye those people who drop 5k on things like a jar of salt, or Sam’s watch from season 4…at a convention where they’ve already parted with a lot of money. It’s madness.

          The rumor is that he tried to leave during season 5 (or around the time when he got all roided up) to do Conan the Barbarian but they wouldn’t let him out of his contract. I think the box office failure of Friday the 13th pretty much sealed the death of his movie career. The CW is pretty much his ceiling lol, because his acting hasn’t really gotten better. I used to think it was because he had nothing to do but no, he’s just…kind of terrible. LOL, I’m sure he knows how lucky he is not to be waiting tables, but only because he wouldn’t be able to treat the service like shit if he was one of them.


  2. I AM SPARTACUS! yus I finished that a while ago and it was beautiful. I love me some Crixus/Naevia! So bitter/sweet (the whole show.)
    Every time I hear about JarP it’s sucky and I just wish Sam Winchester would take his place.


    1. I’m still crying internally over Varro’s death. They hooked me in with him and Spartacus’ budding bromance and then BAM. My heart! I love Crixus/Naevia as well. I love how badass she is in season 3! It’s a great show. Probably very underrated given the network it was on. I’ll be said when I’m finished with the last season.

      But now they’ve made Sam as insufferable as Jared is. Or that might be me projecting…but every time I watch the show I want to punch him lol. Though in all fairness, I want to punch Dean even more, and probably want to punch Jared even more than that, so by that logic, Sam taking his place might not be a bad thing! /over thinking things.


  3. I wish JarPad would fall into a black hole and no, I don’t care how mean that sounds.
    I haven’t watched POI since Carter was killed off. My interest in the show was already wavering and killing Carter did not help. I know she wanted to leave and it was an excellent 3 part episode but I’m still bummed lol. The show kept getting weirder anyway. The only thing I saw after Carter died was the very end of the finale and they were playing a Radiohead song I like.
    They’re talking about a season 11 of SPN? No!!! Well the longer they’re all tied up on that heap of shit, the less time they’ll have to contaminate other things.


    1. That’s exactly how I felt about POI. I hated Root, primarily because I’ve loathed Amy Acker since she was on Angel, but between Shaw and the “The Machine is Sentient” nonsense, I gave up.


      1. I’ve learned to stay far away from anything involving the name “J.J. Abrams”. It may start out interesting, but always ends up too stupidly bizarre with too many stupid/annoying characters.


    2. Oh, how I wish he would too. Hopefully once Supernatural ends, he will. I think he’s probably just trying to keep himself relevant but…being a douche on Twitter is a weird way to go about it.

      I use the show was background noise really. The episode of Carter’s death arc was really good. It was one of those episodes that takes place on a plane, and I always love those haha. Apart from that, it has fast become a convoluted mess.

      I dunno what is up with these people. The crew needing jobs excuse is long gone, I’m sure a lot of them have moved on over the years. Jensen claims he’s been auditioning, Jared claims Marvel wanted him for Thor, yet…they’re so hot that they’re sticking around on a show on a failure of a network. I hope they have good accountants, I really do. They must realise that for season 11 to work they’ll have to jump 10 years ahead, to reflect how Jared and Jensen look at the moment. Or invest in Botox. Probably the latter. Lol.

      I read that the TBBT cast where negotiating $1m per episode contracts. Jared and Jensen must wish they could be so lucky!


      1. Yeah they gave 3 of the actors on TBBT $1 million per episode contacts. I’ve been over that show for a long time and I don’t see how any show is worth paying people such an obscene amount. Still better than when they gave Charlie Sheen $2 million for Two and a half men! The SPN guys would claim some shit like “We make this show for the fans, we wouldn’t request so much money per episode… But is we did we’d use it to organize more charity sites for our fans to donate money to!” Tools, massive douchey tools.
        POI did sink into a convoluted messes at a rather alarming speed, kind if like The Mentalist!


        1. Ugh, The Mentalist. What they did to that show annoys me so much. I was going to watch that Gotham show but I don’t know if I want to watch another Heller show.

          The money is truly ridiculous! I don’t know why the actors think they’re worth that much. Or why they wouldn’t go for a producer type role instead to make them look less douchey. LOL Charlie Sheen. Well…at least he was a well known name before that show, but that is still crazy money.

          That’s true. Jared and Jensen are always thinking about their fans…and how to get the most money out of them. I’m glad I’ve never given money to them for anything. They’re not worth it.

          POI is doing too much at once. There’s one machine. Oh, wait there’s another machine! The machine talks to Root! Oh, but it talks to Harold too!! Oh now there’s some group called Vigilance who are after people. And wait, all of these government operatives are up to something. Don’t even get me started on the old British dude. They ought to stick to one plot at a time.



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