OS: Scandal

I’m about to start  watching Scandal’s third season & I wrote this AGES ago, but never posted it, so here it is instead of a SPN recap because I am busy avoiding Supernatural watching The World Cup at the moment.

So I watched the first two seasons of Scandal and just. I don’t get the hype. The first season had one of the most ridiculous finales I’ve ever seen. And then almost every single episode of the second season matched the ridiculousness of that episode.

The only really good thing about the show is Kerry Washington being the first black, female lead on a US network show in X number of years. That’s great. And it would be even better if her character wasn’t sort of…terrible. Slightly less good things are – relatively interesting plot, and the twist and turns which make it kind of fun to watch.

However, the show is just kind of stupid. It’s set in Washington D.C. and based on a real person who worked with the Bush administration. The main character, Olivia Pope, worked on the President’s campaign and they are having an affair. Oh and she helped his team rig the election so he would win. Which, whatever that’s fine. But almost every scene they have together is identical. They start of dodging the cameras in the Oval Office, and they talk about their love or whatever, this inevitably turns into a passionate embrace that ends with her repeating for the umpteenth time that “they’re over” or some other guy interrupting them. After a while I just started skipping their scenes. I COULDN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE.

In terms of plot, the show basically operates like a soap opera in that it makes sense when it wants to and defies logic 99% of the time.

In terms of the characters, they’re ALL kind of terrible. Which is the real scandal here, because the show tries to hard to make them all look ~bad~ with ~SOME~ good, but they just end up becoming even more irritating. Except for Captain Jake WHO SOMEONE MUST SAVE (at the end of season two he was being held captive in some kind of hole in the ground). And okay, so he’s kind of terrible too. He’s pretty much stalked Olivia, rigged her apartment with cameras and made her his prime time TV schedule but…WHATEVER. I hope someone saves him in season 3.

To conclude,  Scandal is kind of dumb, but in a crazy way that kind of makes it interesting to watch. I presume that it is basically Grey’s Anatomy, but instead of doctors they’re “Gladiators in suits“. Yeah, I gagged a little at that too. We can’t even put it down to being awkward pilot dialogue. One of the characters is pretty much always on hand to remind us that they are gladiators…in suits. I’m sure that in season 7 he’ll have moved on to yelling ‘I AM SPARTAAAAAAAAA’ when his role in life is questioned.

I look forward (sideways?) to season three.



  1. I watched the first 2 seasons and don’t get the hype either. I don’t watch anymore because to me it’s physically painful to watch Olivia Pope pine after that loser of a President Fitz. Emotional abuse is somehow hot? No thank you!


    1. Yeah, that’s a MAJOR downside of the show. All of that ‘you can’t walk away from me’ stuff was utter bullshit and at odds with the whole point of the character (IMO). And when she was finally with a nice (and sane) guy, the show screwed that up. Fitz can also be said to be guilty of doing the same thing with his wife. He’s a jerk.


  2. I like Kerry Washington but from the clips I’ve seen out of context on The Soup, Scandal takes itself too seriously considering how ridiculous it is. I don’t think it could be as nauseating as Grey’s Anatomy, but I don’t think I could make it through an entire episode either. Overhyped!


    1. She seems nice enough, but yup, Scandal is definitely guilty of that. It is less nauseating than Grey’s (though the music is equally as drab and awful lol) but that’s not a redeeming feature. The fast pace makes it watchable for me, but as I watched it all at once, I dunno how people can sit through it week after week lol.



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