The latest edition of “stupid and senseless”

I’m just going to use Jared’s words and refer to everything dumb that he does as Stupid and Senseless. 

Because his last airline rant wasn’t enough, he decided to throw yet another hissy fit and call a US airlines employee a jerk, and an “a-hole” before tweeting a picture of the guy.



And we all know that Jared is an expert on classiness. Hmm. I don’t have links or anything but it’s all out there.

Not to be out done, Samantha Ferris is out in full force with her own brand of stupidity. I could comment on the fact that this isn’t the first time she’s said stupid shit. I can’t remember who it was, but someone came out and she was all, ‘my lady boner (for this person) has dried up’ and I was just like…uh-huh, red flag, red flag, red flaaaaaaaaag. But this is just even more disgusting. How is that all of these idiotic people wind up in positions where a lot of impressionable people hang on to their every word, like stupefied bots who are fuelled by stupidity and senselessness? And why is that their so called ‘fans’ have their heads shoved so far up their asses that they fall over backwards to prove that their ‘fave’ is being ‘bullied’ and that it’s so ~edgy and cool to be a fucking, abhorrent douchebag. Newsflash – it isn’t.

I unfollowed her ass as soon as I caught wind of the whole thing. Apparently the fact that she had a miscarriage gives her the right to say whatever the fuck she wants.


In other news. THE PLANE WORKED. Well, not really. But kind of.

In other, other news…I don’t have time for recaps at the moment, but they will be back! I might even do the entirety of the rest of the season (if I am so bored that actually tidying my room is a viable option).

7 thoughts on “The latest edition of “stupid and senseless”

  1. Yup, I caught wind of this latest tantrum of his. Mister Stupid and Senseless. I am seriously starting to think that Twitter just exposes all the deuchebaggery (LOL) a lot of these celebs are trying to conceal. And it doesn’t help that all their bots give them a free pass. Ugh, Samantha Ferris… how low can she go? My mother had a miscarriage a year before she had me and it took her quite a while to recover. It almost reminds me of Jared whining about Romo needing painkillers unlike his super strong wife who gave birth without them. Sometimes I wonder if he and Sam Ferris are trying to outdo (outdouche?) each other. It’d be so much better if they’d all just shut up, but the massive egos and the bots that enable them won’t allow it. *sigh*


    1. Hi!! Omg, I thought I had replied this! RL has been nuts, so sorry about that! Jared Padadeuchebag knows no bounds. And yeah, like you say, all celebs. It’s weird that people will literally defend anything. Even ones who are usually reasonable. It’s gotten to the point where I’m not even willing to entertain anyone who I see agreeing with bs anymore. I’m just like – bye and good luck with your life.

      Aw at your mom 😦 Samantha Ferris is disgusting. I don’t even see what business it was of hers, number one, but given that LL made it public she was within reason to comment. However, not liking the way someone grieves is fucking bullshit. When she revealed that she’d also had a miscarriage her fans were all like, ‘THANK YOU FOR COMING OUT AND REVEALING THIS, MAYBE THE HATERS WILL BACK OFF’. Uhm…no. You don’t get to post shit, then bully someone who doesn’t agree with you and then be all like, ‘I can say what I want because I had one too’.

      I think Jared is winning the DeucheTwit race by several miles at this point, lol. His (and Misha) ‘battle’ with Bieber fans will always be one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever witnessed. He clearly needs a better therapist. And I see that the writers are still carrying on with it…I just heard about that ‘oh he’s a fan’ scene on one of the episodes. Supposedly it was aimed at Bieber fans….yawn. Funnily enough that described Supernatural fans perfectly. And…every single sector of batshit fans.

      Bravo, writers.

      Though at this point, they’ve been insulting the audience with their shitty writing for three years LOL, so not much is new.


  2. Isn’t it funny that I didn’t know who Samantha Ferris was, instead picturing Anna Ferris and wondering why you were following her on Twitter? haha

    Oh Ellen, (that was her name right? Ellen and Jo?) I don’t think it’s really appropriate to be griping over someone else’s miscarriage as an opportunity to talk about your own. That’s just tacky. That fact that she’s looking tacky compared to Lindsay Lohan is really saying something about her tackiness levels, because LiLo is like off the charts tacky. Tack tack tacky!!


    1. LOL!

      Yeah, Ellen was her name. Blah, the worst part is how nasty she got towards anyone complaining about what she’d said (and then her minions [yes, she has minions!!!] were defending her and it got ugly. So unnecessary. The internet makes people a little too brave these days lol. People are trying to take on airlines now!!! 😛



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