This sounds like something that Supernatural fans would do.

So, I was bored in class this morning and I came across this article “Manchester United fans planning fly-past calling for Moyes to be sacked” Manchester United are an English football team that  I support,  who won the league last year and then declined rapidly this year (much to my chagrin). Supposedly fans are now revolting against the manager and in an attempt to force the board to sack him they want to FLY A PLANE PAST THE NEXT GAME.

….a plane.

An actual plane with a message attached.

These people want to  spend £1000 on this shit when they have the entire internet at their disposal. I’m not sure how a plane flying past would help voice their displeasure any more than chanting strongly worded songs at the game. The board aren’t really going to be all like, “Fuck, these fans wasted their own time and money to speak out against our decisions! WE MUST ACT NOW.” They’ll probably be smoking cigars and cracking the fuck up along with the rest of the country.

But anyway, my expectations of other people been raised. I now fully expect to hear about Supernatural fans protesting via plane whenever they put this show out of its misery. Several planes. And huge messages on lorries. SKYWRITING SHIA LABEOUF STYLE. Bus shelters. Face tattoos. Space beams. Spray painting their houses. Chest tattoos.


I am counting on all of this happening. Don’t let me down fandom.


11 thoughts on “This sounds like something that Supernatural fans would do.

  1. I’m sure if “JarPad”- even his twitname makes me sick- went on a massive enough, uncalled for twitter rant about something his legion of idiots I mean fans would go all out and do something this stupid. They’d undoubtedly think they were fighting for a worthy cause because that’s what JarPad would think and they clearly can’t think for themselves.
    I don’t follow sports but I’ve noticed that when a team wins that final big game of the year (no matter which sport) they usually fail miserably the next season. Sounds like the Manchester United fans need a better way to channel their anger/energy and a better way to use their money.
    If they ever do put SPN out of it’s blissful misery I’d expect these crazy girls (it’s mostly girls, right?) to end up going on an unholy murderous rampage like the psychos on ep14 of The Following last year (that show is ridiculously hilarious).
    I half expect SPN to be on 40 years from now, Sam will be in a wheel chair, his hair will be on life support (he’ll have an awful comb-over too). Dean will have a feeding tube and be in an iron lung. At conventions, fan girls will be begging to change the actors catheters and diapers. There won’t be anymore dialogue, merely unintelligible grunts and subtitles.


    1. They’re all like brain dead sheep at this point, following their wolf in sheep’s clothing. It’s actually disturbing.

      OMG THEY ACTUALLY DID IT. The plane flew past and everyone started booing. That’s so bad. I mean, I don’t like the manager either but…that’s kind of mean. With this league, Manchester United have been dominant for such a long time. If we don’t win it, we’re at least in the top 4. So some people are pissed off that we’ve been languishing outside the top 4 for most of the season when they won the league by 11 points last season. They’re a bit like those Supernatural fans who boycott whenever Castiel isn’t in an episode i.e. crazy people.

      LOL. Supernatural: The (G)Olden Years? It probably will be on, though I am sensing that Jensen is done with it so hopefully season 10 will be the last. I think a Jared comb over will be on its way soon. Something isn’t quite right with his hairline lol.

      Ha, I was reading an article about the spin off (which is called Supernatural: Bloodlines now!) and someone was like, “When interviewd about it Jensen Ackles didn’t sound too enthusiastic.” and someone replied with “he never sounds enthusiastic about anything that doesn’t involve himself”. I detect no lies! I really do want the spin-off to fail though 😛 . I think the backdoor pilot is episode 20…I will watch it with my usual amount of scorn. They cast a bunch of nobodies, unsurprisingly.


      1. So they actually went through with the plane plan? That is mean, they should be ashamed of themselves for so many reasons. If I were the manager I’d have a plane go over saying “Let’s see you do better!” Some people just need to chill the fuck out.
        If they were to do the Supernatural Golden Years I would demand they use the Golden Girls theme song lol. When the show does finally die I hope careers die with it!
        I hope the spinoff fails too. The fans will either desperately cling on to it or detest it with fury.


        1. Lol yes they did. They have time and money to waste smh. The most hilarious thing is that we won the game quite emphatically..I think it was 4-1. So they ended up looking stupid (well…more than they did already). If the manager tried that he’d be mocked relentlessly. His soundbites have been less than stellar, I don’t know what his PR guys are up to. He’s always so pessimistic. I agree though that people need to chill out…it is just a game, no matter how much we love it!

          Jared’s career certainly will. Though with his claims that he was up for the role of Thor, it’ll take him a while to realise that it’s over LOL. He’ll probably start trawling his imdb boards and leaking fake casting info.


  2. He claims he was connected for Thor?! LOL I hadn’t heard that. If he’s lucky he’ll be the king of those Lifetime made for TV movies five years from now.


    1. Yes! LOL! I actually spent a good five minutes laughing to the point of tears. I hadn’t heard it either and neither had anyone else. He said it in a private sessions at a con, if I recall correctly. My bullshit meter was pinging like crazy when I learnt what he had said.

      He’ll be lucky to get Lifetime movies, lol. There is SyFy, but I think SyFy are too good for him. 😛


  3. Love your SPN snark!

    Yeah, I’m rather sceptical about the J’s claims that they were up for big roles in blockbuster movies, too. Surely they’d be on the phone to their lawyers to get out of their contracts if that were the case.

    I predict Jensen will be doing the Hallmark/Lifetime ‘movie’ circuit, while Jared will play ‘Thug #3’ in an actioner.


    1. Hi! Thank you 🙂

      Exactly! I suspect that ‘up for big roles’ roughly translates to being sent the script, or auditioning, but it sounds a lot better to say they actually had a chance. I don’t get who exactly they’re trying to impress with these claims though. Fans who never want the show to end? The CW accountants? Themselves? (Probably.)

      Lol yeah, that’s pretty much what I’ve predicted. Jensen’s single perfect tear is perfect for made-for-TV movies. However, ‘Thug 3’ might be a bit of stretch for Jared, haha, but I’m sure he would manage not to nostril flare his way out of such a simple role.


      1. I love your blog. When I check out other sites, I really wonder if they’re watching the same show as me. Dean’s a dick, Sam is wallpaper, and both actors have been phoning it in for years.

        To hear the folks at TWOP and IMDB tell it, Jensen is the next Olivier, cruelly robbed of the Emmys he deserves, and forced to toil in miserable servitude year after year, forgoing his rightful destiny as an A-list movie star. When in reality, the J’s are a pair of D-listers who lucked onto a good thing and are clinging to it like grim death because they know they’ll drop into the ‘Tom Welling Black Hole of Obscurity’ the minute the show ends. I predict a sad “Galaxy Questesque” series of less and less lucrative con appearances in their future.


        1. Thanks 🙂

          Lol, right? The bias surrounding this show (and a lot of shows these days) in reviews and articles is so irritating. I remember a time when it was actually okay to point out when things sucked without it being a problem. Alas, anything that isn’t YAY! AWESOME! = negativity.

          Dean’s a dick, Sam is wallpaper, and both actors have been phoning it in for years. – I completely agree.

          The people on TWOP are very annoying. Every time I’m on there I feel like posting a huge comment in Jared’s defence because according to them he’s ALWAYS the worst part of the episode while precious Jensen is the best part and it’s so ridiculous. LOL at ‘the next Olivier cruelly robbed of the Emmys he deserves, and forced to toil in miserable servitude year after year, forgoing his rightful destiny as an A-list movie star.’ The Jensen deserving an Emmy thing is laughable at best. An Emmy for what? Playing a 30-something who acts like teenager and still cracks dick jokes. Oh and wobbling his lip and crying a single tear when the script asks him to. Haha! Though, Tom Welling seems to be making a sort of comeback, he’s in some JFK movie and some other movie, but he was arguably a lot more popular at the height of his career than Jared and Jensen are. Smallville also wasn’t largely ignored by the media (until they caught on that crazy fans = website hits-llelujah! Ugh, the cons. I still find it weird that people actually attend cons where none of the main stars are present.



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