…oh joy.

Dean finally has his own storyline (again! but who’s counting?) because anything involving Sam, Cas, family and pseudo family doesn’t count. I will happily bask in the outrage when it’s dropped or he has to save Sam from whatever ~drama~ the writers think up for him. I might post a recaplet or something later. I also saw someone refer to season 9 as ‘season fine’ and promptly bashed my head into a wall.

In other news, Jared Padalecki is and remains to be a complete dick and “deuchebag” on Twitter. My personal favourite tweets this week are the ones where he tells CNN to take down a story about Jonah Hill only earning 60K for The Wolf of Wall Street because it’s “offensive” to the half of America who have to work for two years to make that much.

As opposed to Jared who makes at least twice that much per episode.


6 thoughts on “…oh joy.

  1. Well, Jonah Hill signed the contract for that amount of his own free will. I haven’t seen the CNN story, but I don’t know why they feel the need to come to his defense. I get Jared’s point that the media needs to get some freaking perspective, and it’s not like he’s complaining about his own salary. I find his dig at Justin Bieber looking like a girl a hell of a lot more offensive. I mean, really? Has he seen old photos of his co-star?


    1. Were CNN coming to his defense? I read about it in the paper and all it was is that he took a pay cut in order to work with Scorsese. He was quoted saying that he didn’t care and that he didn’t do it [acting] for the money etc. He wasn’t complaining about it. I agree, the media definitely do need a sense of perspective but it’s Oscar season and Jonah mentioned it so it’s bound to be ‘news’. You can argue that CNN have a duty to report it.

      My issue was that he found it offensive when he’s in the same industry and earns way more than that for the role he’s playing. Maybe he’s not aware that his salary is common knowledge, but that’s no excuse. It’s a ‘People who live in glass houses (shouldn’t throw stones)’ type of situation. He doesn’t care when he’s getting paid that much (out of these hard-working Americans pockets) to do conventions. Plus, who is he to speak for people who don’t earn as much? No one appointed him as the spokesperson of anyone. And, I hate that he always comments on actors who are more ‘high-profile’ than him. It reeks of jealousy and is grating to read. /end rant

      UGH. The Bieber tweet. I left it out of the post because it’s just too gross (but not a surprise at this point). Even if he hasn’t seen young Jensen pictures (the brick pants will always be my fave), he wasn’t exactly Mr Masculine when he was 19 either. His entire Twitter feed is just a mess. Sorry for the long reply, lol, I maybe should have ranted more in the actual post! 😛


      1. Brick pants is classic, but this will forever be my favorite: http://i29.tinypic.com/i259ht.jpg For the life of me I can’t imagine any legitimate reason for that photo. I mean, modeling? Advertising, sure, but for what?

        Your comment about conventions is spot on. It makes me nuts when fans say that it’s “nice” of Jared and Jensen to go to cons during their free time when in fact those cons are very lucrative for them. I’m sure they wouldn’t be doing it free after all. Cons are great for the secondary actors, who don’t have regular roles somewhere, to supplement their incomes, but they still don’t make anything near what J2 do. If I remember correctly a photo op with Mark Sheppard — who is a pretty big name on his own — was something like $40, which is about a half to a third what Jared, Jensen or Misha get. I guess I just have a hard time criticizing the fact that someone with a louder voice than most of us called out the ridiculous inequity of entertainment salaries given the state of the economy. I’d have appreciated it a lot more if he’d acknowledged his own privilege obviously, but few celebrities are that self-aware.

        As for the Bieber thing, his first tweet didn’t bother me. Bieber needed to be called out for his behavior, but after that it should have been dropped. I was really disappointed in how other actors even older than Jared joined in the dog pile after it was “safe” to do so. They all need to step back from Twitter — especially Jared.


        1. Bahaha. Oh Jensen. Lol the clothes always gets me; they’re always so…garish. I’m not sure why Jensen himself didn’t question the poses he was being told to do, but I suppose he was young and wet behind the ears and…didn’t know better. I mean, he can’t really have been happy to have these in his portfolio? LOL. God only knows what these pictures have been used for along the line.

          Yeah, I hate that too. There are still a lot of people who aren’t even aware that the guys are being paid. I could understand them buying that when they were doing two cons a year but surely the increased number would clue them in. The $100 photo-ops will never not be ridiculous. Even $40 is too much, but a reasonable price for each and every actor as far as I’m concerned. But the con organisers are just as greedy as J2 in that respect. There is no way that they would do them for free. I think even now, at least for the overseas con they actually receive payments before attending the con, like a sign-on fee. And despite the money they’re paid, they’re late, rude to fans (rarely, I guess, but it’s inappropriate), and still manage to rake in more $ with those ‘auctions’ (supposedly for charity, but who knows). Alas, fans don’t seem to mind paying for all of this so…good luck to all of them.

          If I believed for a second that Jared really cared about hard-working Americans then I’d be in full agreement, but I don’t at this point. Every time he tweets something along these lines it seems like he’s trying too hard to show that he watches the news and isn’t just one of those ignorant celebrities when in face he is. He will never acknowledge his own privilege because he (and Jensen to an extent) are still stuck in that ‘we’re not like other celebrities’ mentality when in a lot of ways they are. Jared proves that every time he throws a hissy fit at some poor airline worker via Twitter.

          The first tweet bothered me. Mostly because he sent it directly to Bieber…and if that doesn’t scream ‘quick! pay me some attention!’ I don’t know what does. I was disappointed too, but not surprised. Everyone wants their two minutes of attention and place on a Buzzfeed list. But yeah, Jared’s 31 years old, Misha is…older, and Bieber is 19, some perspective is clearly needed, especially as it’s not even an isolated thing related to this latest string of events, they have both been posting smarmy Bieber comments since they joined Twitter. Jared definitely does need to step back but I doubt that he will. It’s too much of an ego boost for him to recognise that he comes across as a complete and utter douchebag. What really grossed me out though was the whole Beliebers boycotting SPN thing, and how Misha and Jared were all over that like SPN fans are any better when it comes to defending the cast/show. And people’s need to repost tweets from Bieber’s fans (especially the younger ones) and mock them endlessly. It’s not right.


  2. I’m not sure if Jared was always a giant douchebag or if all of that luscious CW money and mostly tween-age fan girl worship has gone to his already abnormally large head.


    1. LOL. Best comment ever hahaha. I think it’s a combination of both at this point, because his public persona is still very much, ‘aw, shucks, I’m a nice, laid-back guy’ when his Twitter clearly says/proves otherwise. He’s just either painfully ignorant or sure that fan-worship means that he can post whatever the hell he wants. I remember once during one of his many passive aggressive tweets with airline companies (because he’s too much of a hotshot to go through delays like the rest of us) he sent out a tweet thanking fans for sticking up for him when ‘big companies were bullying him/us’. The only one doing any bullying was him – and his crazy cattle. His lack of self-awareness is almost painful.



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