this explains a lot.

Please keep asking for more takes, bro. PLEASE. Maybe by the third one he won’t seem so robotic and lifeless. Right now he’s like a cross between Arnie in Terminator and Shia Laboeuf attempting to express emotion in anything he’s done that isn’t Even Stevens. Heck, even Jared’s favourite “deuchebag”‘s (Justin Bieber) scenes on CSI were less robotic. But…Jared can keep blowing his own horn or whatever. And fans can keep blowing his horn for him as well. I (and everyone else with actual non-biased fully functioning eyes) KNOW BETTER.

Anyway, I might snark about this episode if I have time over the weekend.

6 thoughts on “this explains a lot.

  1. Wow, seriously? He asked for another take? Unless… he’s trying to sound even more and more robotic with each take. Hmm.

    Oh I hope you will snark this one. Every time he showed up in a scene I was face-palming. With the way this one ended up, though, I wonder if he’ll put the robotics to rest for a while now. I saw a sneak peek for the next one and he honestly seemed awkward as fuck.


    1. LOL HE’S ONE TAKE PADALECKI NO MORE! That was probably it. He was probably like, “Hey Bob, I actually sounded normal! Don’t want that! Can we run it again?”

      I just downloaded it so I’ll either watch it tonight or tomorrow. NOOO THE ROBOTICS ARE GOING AWAY!!! Lol I’m not surprised he seems awkward, he’d probably forgotten how to act like a human by the time they filmed that episode. I suppose the upside is that he is so distracting that he makes everyone else look good by comparison.


      1. This episode, Jared as Gadreel seemed to be even weirder than usual. I thought that was because the rest was better than usual. Now I realise it could just as well be the other way around, lol.


  2. Every time I read about something Jared says I find him less believable of a human being lol. What world is this guy in and why does out keep bleeding through into ours? Go home, rapunzel and take the writers with you.



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