OS: Five reasons why you should be watching Almost Human.

THERE WILL BE SNARK NEXT WEEK! But uh, for now here’s a serious..ish post.


credit: almostsleepy @ tumblr.com

1. It’s a procedural show. That’s probably a reason not to watch it but I actually think that dismissing procedural shows is a bit…pretentious. There’s nothing wrong with a show following a basic format. And in a way, most shows have some sort of procedural aspect. But yeah, in this case it means that you can get into it quickly without needing any background information or caring about the characters. That can come later. There is a long title thing at the start of the pilot that I didn’t read but you don’t even need that.

2. They play up the bromance. In this day and age when the media are basically acting as though slash is a new discovery, and that shipping makes people insane, a lot of networks and writers tend to try and use that to entice people into watching and joining in on social media. And in some cases the obvious fanbaiting is…well, obvious. Looking at you, Supernatural. With Almost Human, they’re pretty much doing that. But it isn’t all wink wink nudge nudge, it is pretty much blatant and kind of hilarious. It’s also a thing in every episode. Even the conventional leading man/leading woman relationship thing isn’t touched on in every episode. And these bromancey parts of the show are hilarious.

3. The concept is not entirely original. I don’t think robot cops is a new thing. And I don’t get the impression that Almost Human is trying to show us a new take on what a futuristic world would be like. I keep reading about how the show is a ripoff of X and Y, and basically, to me, it isn’t about how original your idea is, it is what you do with it and what parts you decide to focus on. And to me, this show focuses on…almost humans (heh.). We’ve got Dorian, the DRN android that was designed to feel and think like a human, and we have Detective John Kennex, who without his synthetic leg, is almost human. At the moment, Dorian has more character development, and John’s is quite basic, but their chemistry together is worth it.

4. Dorian (the android cop) flips over a van with his hands. . That’s not really a reason, but random stuff like that makes this show all that much more fun. And other hilarious SFX stuff. I kind of like the scenery. The show is set in 2048 and doesn’t seem to be too high budget, so basically it looks a lot like 2013. But the various gadgets and what not that they show us are still kind of interesting to see. And interesting to examine to see what would and wouldn’t work. Kind of like flying cars. Haha. The show is a little ridiculous, but that’s what makes it so good and brings me onto my next point…

5. It doesn’t take itself too seriously. Besides one episode that had a really bizarre and lengthy bad guy monologue, the writers know what they’re doing. The plots are not too complex, and they’re not preachy. With the time setting, a lot of the episode arcs are quite unusual. Like sexbots, backstreet heart transplants with timers on each heart, cloning…and possibly a lot of stuff that happened in Fringe episodes. But all I care about is watching a show without having to jump through hoops to understand what’s going on.

And bonus reason: Karl Urban and Michael Ealy aren’t hard to look at for an hour. 🙂 ALSO, THIS PROBABLY MAKES NO SENSE SO YOU SHOULD PROBABLY WATCH AND SEE FOR YOURSELF!



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