OS: chicagofireisstupid, sleepy hollow and the mentalist


Chicago Fire, 2×06. Oh Chicago Fire. I don’t really think that holding an artery for up to 12 hours with BARE FINGERS/a clip would really keep anyone alive. Actually, a clip would probably just puncture it. What you’re supposed to is apply PRESSURE TO THE FUCKING WOUND FIRST!!! There was plenty of material available ugh.

And that was only one of the dumb things that happened during this episode.

Sleepy Hollow, 1×06 & 1×07

I JUST. I LOVE THIS SHOW. I don’t know I just do. Episode 6 was really good. They finally severed the tie between Ichabod and the Headless Horseman and JOHN NOBLE showed up as a sin-eater and it was awesome. Also Ichabod called Abbie, “Abbie” (which  is a big deal, okay) and they hugged and ALSO they went to baseball together and yes, it was a very good episode.

Episode 7 was great too. JOHN FRICKIN’ CHO WAS BACK. And he had the line of the episode.

Crane/someone: I thought you were dead!

John Cho: I AM DEAD. 

And Ichabod discovered the internet. And internet porn, which was really fucking hilarious. He slammed the laptop shut when the porn video started it. And then he took another peak and the woman in the video was like, “STILL HERE” and just, it was hilarious. As was his outrage over the fact that people PAY for water.

The plot was good too, they managed to get Captain Irving onside (hmm) and trap the horseman. I can’t believe there’s only a six episodes left! 😦

What a fun little show this is turning out to be!

The Mentalist

I love The Mentalist but this season has been a complete LOL-fest, for all the wrong reasons. We’ve had a twin brother avenging his possibly dead and Red-John disciple brother, a secret police organisation with tattoos and a secret code! Patrick Jane waving a rifle around.


source: thementalistgifs.tumblr.com  tumblr_mvr03xP7wy1sgc5wqo4_250


Jane packing a gun is just funny to me, LOL.


And basically the worst possible way to drag out the identity of Red John. There were seven possible people who they could be. Two of them are dead. There have been six episodes so far. Instead of ruling out one per episode it’s just been drips and drabs of information that don’t even really make all that sense. BUT IT WAS ALL WORTH IT JUST TO SEE PATRICK WAVING A RIFLE AROUND. I was crying with joy. Also, there needs to be more Cho. Way more Cho. Like, a spin-off or something. Where Cho gives commentary on life. Please.



  1. That kid on Chicago Fire would have been dead in reality. He bled way too much and was practically gray by the end of the episode. It’s still my favorite thing on NBC (it’s the only thing i watch on nbc).
    I also found the idea of Jane waving a rifle around hilarious! There was some movie on TV a few weeks ago where Simon Baker was hunting zombies, I watched at it for an hour or so. His hair was almost reddish pink, the zombies were ridiculous and “Jane” had a gun, it made me laugh. 🙂 Yeah, The Mentalist has been a bit ridiculous this season but I still love it. Now I’m waiting for Red John to kill Rigsby and Van Pelt, maybe then Cho will get more airtime. He is sadly underutilized.


    1. LOL. The show is entertaining, I’ll give it that.

      I know of that movie! Land of the Dead, perhaps? I don’t think I’ve ever seen it. I must though because Simon + gun + zombies sounds hilarious.

      I still like the show, but I will probably pretend that this season doesn’t exist after a while. Haha, it’s just been…bizarre and…hilarious. Some of the “recaps” are so cringe-worthy. *facepalm* Aw, it’ll be kinda sad when he kills VP and Rigs. I’ll miss Rigsby and Cho’s bromance a lot. Van Pelt kind of became a little stale for whatever reason. But if their deaths mean more Cho, I’m all for it 😀 He is underutilized! I really wish he and Jane interacted more, I really love their scenes.



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