OS: chicagofireisstupidsnark 2.0 & sleepy hollow [episodes 3-5]

This season on Chicago Fire we’ve had…..


We’ve had a wannabe-gangster’s  (all he did was smash some glass up, pfft) underling go undercover as a love interest to one of the paramedics who part owns a bar (that the wannabe gangster has 1% of), only for her to find out that he works for the wannabe gangster and then after that it turns out that – SURPRISE! – he’s actually an undercover cop!

We’ve also had the Russian cousin of one of the fire-fighters ask Lady Gaga’s boyfriend to marry her so she can stay in the country. Of course.

There was also an episode that spent 15 minutes mentioning the cinnamon test repeatedly. It then turned into a cracker test, because uh, fire-fighters of all people shouldn’t be doing the cinnamon test? I don’t even know.

There’s also been an incident where the widow of a dead-fire-fighter gets done for drink-driving….after drinks to celebrate one year passing after her husband died or something.

In conclusion: this show is so stupid but I can’t help but watch it. It’s just so entertainingly stupid.

SLEEPY HOLLOW (1.03 – 1.05)

There’s been no John Cho. No headless horseman (though he appeared at the end of episode 5 SO HE MUST BE IN EPISODE 6, RIGHT?) Which I so need to watch! I’m not feeling the whole sister storyline because I AM OVER ALL THIS SIBLING NONSENSE. But I quite liked the Roanoke plot in episode 5! I liked the take on the disease and how the “lost colony” stayed lost. It was pretty clever.

Most memorable line: “What is this impenetrable barrier around this instrument?”


This seems safe.




8 thoughts on “OS: chicagofireisstupidsnark 2.0 & sleepy hollow [episodes 3-5]

  1. There’s been no John Cho.

    I seriously protest the lack of John Cho.

    The sibling nonsense had me rolling my eyes too. Hopefully they’re past that now. And I found the Roanoke storyline very interesting as well. I was so glad that the word “Croatoan” didn’t pop up… just don’t need any big reminders of SPN lol…


    1. I know, right? WHERE IS HE!! #bringbackJohnCho. I will literally start a petition on change.org or something until he returns.

      I pretty much just ignored it, I’m not sure how it dragged out over two episodes lol (and probably more to come) but it wasn’t a compelling enough plot IMO. Haha I was thinking the same thing! Though this show is like a big budget version of SPN and its all-human meat suits.

      Just realised that there was no episode last Monday 😦 it’s back on the 4th. *cries*….but that’s the day that Almost Human starts! \O/

      Btw, if you wanna snark about SPN let me know and I’ll post it here. 🙂


      1. I love it! #bringbackJohnCho needs to be trending.

        Yeah, I assume they’ll probably come back to it at some point. Lol, very true!

        Oh, I know 😦 *cries with you* I recently read that it already got renewed for another season. I was like “wow, that’s fast.” Or is this how it usually works now?

        Haha, awesome, thanks! 🙂 Honestly, I do feel like I gotta snark about it. Especially about how boring it is, the bad guy in the last episode, and at the (continuing!) unfortunate status of Sam Winchester’s hair.


        1. It does, haha. We could all do with some John Cho. 🙂

          What is it with sibling relationships and TV shows, lol? Or Daddy issues. Sigh. LOL. I thought you meant SPN had been renewed and I was like WTF. haha. Though we all know it will be…

          It is becoming more and more common nowadays (early cancellations/renewals). I think season 1 is still only 13 episodes? So, early renewal probably saves them from leaving the cast hanging until May.

          SNARK AWAY, SISTA! Lol my most common search engine it is now “supernatural sucks” so I’m sure you’re not the only one finding it sucky. But I’d love to read your snark 🙂



  2. I’m actually pissed that Chicago Fire isn’t on again until November. And then, Lady Gaga’s boyfriend’s douche of a father is supposed to “take over 51”. Such a tool. Meanwhile, fucking Chase (who is actually Casey but that will never stick after watching House forever) has adopted the almost-orphan kids and they seem to be doing better with him than their fruity fucking mother lol. I love this dumb mess of a show. On facebook they posted “Bet you didn’t see that one coming” after revealing mafia boy is a cop. I saw that coming in June when they said he’d be on the spinoff, duh!
    I haven’t watched any Sleepy Hollow since episode 2, if John Cho turns up then maybe I’ll half ass watch it again. The main guy’s accent is oddly distracting.
    Almost Human looks so awful, I laugh at their ads. The whole thing leaves me thinking “Why?” There is no way that will last. I’m waiting for The Following (which is just ridiculous) to come back in January.


    1. LOL. I am expecting Treat Williams to turn up on Supernatural and announce that he’s the real John Winchester. He seems to be playing everyone’s dad these days. I am pissed too! I quite like scoffing at it every week and calling them all stupid. Yeah, I hated that – especially because it was so obvious that Severide Snr was angling after that all along.

      Casey and Dawson, the unstoppable kid-whispering duo. Hilarious. I am confused as to why another fire-fighter would be their guardian. How irresponsible of their parents haha. Ah, I love it too really.

      No way! They already announced he’d be in the spinoff? LOL what a bunch of morons. I may need to watch that spin off then for him and Antonio… 😛

      Sleepy Hollow has been good. Solid writing, Good acting and special effects. I love Tom Mison’s accent. He’s putting it on a bit, though, maybe he’ll tone it down.

      I am a sucker for robots/androids so I really loved the Almost Human trailer. I’ll watch it until the eeeeeeeend!

      I gave up on The Following after one episode lmao.


  3. The Chicago PD show starts January 8 at 10pm and it is already marked on my Tv calendar lol. I liked The Following in spite of how silly it is but the second season will probably wreck it. Besides, they killed off the cute cult member guy and they’ll probably kill the cute FBI guy too which will just leave me sad and pissed.
    The actor on Sleepy Hollow does need to tone it down a notch. He doesn’t need to try so hard, we know he’s British. He should relax a bit 🙂


    1. I will be watching the spin-off just to see it its more intelligent that its parent show, haha. Aw, TV shows love killing off all the cute characters! Sigh.

      Haha, I think he has toned it down? Or perhaps I am used to it now, but I just find it so adorable. I am really impressed with Sleepy Hollow, it’s less of the LOLfest I though it’d be and actually a clever, but not all too serious show. 🙂



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