OS: sleepy hollow, 1×02

I don’t even know if this show has episode titles.

The episode  starts with Ichabod being chased by horsemen. Including headless one. THAT WILL NEVER NOT BE AWESOME. He’s saved by the ghost of his ex-wife who basically recaps the show and explains the plot of the episode. Very clever, writers. AND WOOSH, it was all a dream. He tries to leave the motel (or apartment, whatever) they have him at, but a police charge/guard says he can’t until Sheriff Mills turns up.

Back at the PD, Mills tries to explain what happened to John Cho. Captain Irving basically tells her that no one will believe her and he shows her a security camera tape of John Cho running into the mirror and snapping his own neck.

Ichabod, meanwhile, (attempts to) discovers the shower, the hairdryer and the television. He’s outraged when Mills turns up, because he doesn’t want to be held captive. He tells Mills about the dream. She doesn’t believe him. Mostly because the shady Captain has been trying to talk her out of what she believes she saw. Gurl, please.

In the morgue, a body starts to move….




Yikes. His head is all snapped back because of the whole ‘having his neck snapped backwards’ thing. He stumbles around and a voice sounds in the room. John Cho spits out a medallion and the voice (and creepy looking figure) tells him to release someone. John Cho asks who. And then he breaks the fuck out of there.


There’s a funeral (for Corbin, the dead sheriff), there are some flashbacks and Ichabod realises that his wife was warning him about a witch coming to Sleepy Hollow. Even though what his wife said was pretty much self-explanatory. Ah, Ichabod.

John Cho is at some place and he passes on a message to some weird looking half dead woman who we can assume is the aforementioned witch. Something about taking someone’s body. Minutes after, John Cho (with the witch inside him? Or maybe he’s just possessed by the headless horseman? IDK) stops some dude, and says that wherever the road takes him, he wants the guy to know that it isn’t personal. The witch then appears and like, blows up the guys car. LOL.

Mills talks about how she changed after Corbin gave her some speech about apple pie and ice cream. I don’t know either, all of these scenes where she soul searches kind of fly right past me.

They’re called to a crime scene; it’s the guy from before. The one whose car was blown up. And basically ICHABOD KNOWS WHAT’S UP. He knows who’s behind this. He talks about how there was a blood moon back in the day and a bunch of bodies were found. He saw a woman and he felt a presence. Apparently Washington believed that someone was working with sorcery. Mills says that Corbin believed that there were two groups of witches. One good and one bad. They go to find files, but they’ve been moved to the archives. Which Mills needs clearance for, but they break in to the building via the basement.

Before that, some guy called Luke shows up and he’s Mills’ ex. Ichabod asks if they were BETROTHED. Anyway, she broke up with Luke when she was leaving for the FBI. WE COULDN’T GO WITHOUT SOME SORT OF BROKEN LOVE AFFAIR COULD WE? SIGH.

Meanwhile, JOHN CHO is being all creepy and watching some kids play soccer. He asks the kid what his name is (Kyle Hemington, I think…) and says that it’s a nice name, but he’s sorry that it had to be the kid’s.


There’s more shit about this witch but this whole subplot is doing nothing for me. Anyway, she was put on trial and the judge who sent her down was called Firth. She screamed that she’d get them all back or something. And the guy in the car was Jeremy Firth; a descendant. It turns out that Kyle’s mom was related somehow, which is why the witch is going to go after her or the kid. The witch shows up and steals Kyle’s dad’s urn, because Kyle is adopted. GOOD, I DON’T LIKE IT WHEN THESE SHOWS MURDER CHILDREN. Mills and Ichabod realise that the witch needs her bones. They plan to find them and after that they need to burn her to the ground. With great enthusiasm.

Mills does an impersonation of Ichabod and he’s less than pleased. She throws in a “jolly”, because y’know, British people says that a lot. He ignores her at first, but then he says “And that was not an accurate impersonation.” .

Anyway, the witch has what she needs; ashes of the descendants. All she needs are her bones. Which John Cho digs up for her. And he’s all snarky about it too, haha.

I wonder how he got caught up in all of this.

Mills and Ichabod show up and John Cho creeps behind Mills for a hot minute before vanishing. The witch is doing her spell and whatnot and after she returns to her body Ichabod shoots at her. She catches the bullet and Ichabod runs off, without the gun. Mills asks him why he dropped the gun, and he tells her that it was empty. Apparently guns came with one bullet back in the day. The witch says some shit about his wife and he kills her somehow. YAY.


Stuff that happened after all of that: Mills is tired and Ichabod wants to know if he can find his dead wife. Mills has a hallucination of Corbin. They talk about shit. The usual faith and destiny bullshit. He tells her not to be afraid of number 49; that’s where she’ll find that she’s not alone. Andddd somewhere in Room 49, we meet someone called Jennifer Mills doing push ups in some sort of mental facility. THE LONG LOST SISTER. Woo.

Decent episode. It was kind of weak due to them dialling down the crazy, but it was interesting enough to keep me watching.

AND THEY DIDN’T KILL JOHN CHO AGAIN!! I THINK. I know, I know. My recap is terrible. SORRY! :]

2 thoughts on “OS: sleepy hollow, 1×02

  1. I love your episode recaps (well, it’s only the second one but I’M LOVING THEM SO FAR!).

    I didn’t know if they had titles either, but I checked my on-screen cable guide and apparently this one is called “Blood Moon.” Ooo, very appropriate.

    I’m wondering now if the Captain’s name is an in-joke. Captain Irving? The story “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” was written by Washington Irving. Course it could be a total coincidence, but still… cool.

    John Cho was a creepy creeper. The guy asking what’s up with his neck and he says “it’s complicated.” I wonder how long he’s going to be sticking around. I’m kinda sorta guessing he was possessed by… whatever that creature is (“beast” or whatever it was referred to in the first episode) that talked to him in the morgue? No idea. But interesting.

    The witch shows up and steals Kyle’s dad’s urn, because Kyle is adopted. GOOD, I DON’T LIKE IT WHEN THESE SHOWS MURDER CHILDREN.

    Same here. During that whole scene I was groaning “Oh no, don’t kill the kid.” Glad it didn’t go there.

    You pretty much echoed all my other thoughts. Some of the far out stuff was a bit odd but it still was a decent episode.


    1. Aw, thanks! 🙂 Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up! It doesn’t take too long when I write them as I watch….a fact I wish I’d known back when I was doing the SPN ones, haha.

      Blood Moon is indeed very appropriate! I should probably look on imdb before hand. I don’t think it comes up during the show?

      Captain Irving, yes! Omg, it must be! Nice catch. I didn’t even spot that….and he’s definitely connected to everything somehow judging by all of those shots of him looking shady and mysterious. 😛

      I’m so happy that John Cho is seemingly going to stick around, I love his character. Yeah, I think it was that beast, though it almost seemed like he was himself at the same time. Like with the apology to the guy in the car and what he said to the kid. I don’t think the beast would really give a crap.

      I kind of wish there’d been more humour? This episode was sort of serious apart from the beginning, John Cho snarking and the impersonation. But yeah, it was a pretty typical second episode. And the flashbacks aren’t even annoying. Yet. 😀



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