OS: sleepy hollow (1×01), I have no idea what the plot of this show is but…


I just watched the premiere and just YES. Seriously, this show could be awful but the headless horsemen of the apocalypse will never be old. NEVER.

The episode starts off with a bunch of dudes in armour fighting. And then the main guy, Ichabod Crane dies. Right after beheading some other dude.  In the scene after that he bursts out of his casket. HE’S ALIVE. But…the world is.different. He’s almost run over by a truck. Cars. There’s a bird on one of the signs and a car pulls up and someone gets out and starts to approach Ichabod but he runs off.

We then meet a bunch of cops in a diner. They talk about unsolved cases or something, and Corbin of them tries to persuade the other, Abbie (who’s leaving the next day, for Quantico) to stay.

They’re watched by some creepy looking priest.

ARREST HIM, I scream. But hey, looking creepy ain’t a crime.

As the leave, the cops get a call about some horses being spooked. Exciting work. Anyway, they get to the stable and Corbin is ATTACKED BY A HEADLESS SOLDIER. YES. Attacked and killed, I should add. Abbie is freaked out and calls for help and suddenly JOHN CHO IS ON THE SCENE. But like, he arrests Ichobad who wasn’t on a horse or…headless. I suspect that Abby (the cop) didn’t pass these details along*.

Ichabod knows what’s up, and he tells them that he’s the one who beheaded the headless, murderous soldier. They put Ichabod under a polygraph and ask him some questions and oh my god, HIS ACCENT. Though, I’m British so perhaps I shouldn’t be enthralled by it but I am.

Anyway, it turns out that Ichabod is from 250 years ago. Abbie wants to question him, but she can’t quite admit that the killer soldier dude had, y’know, NO HEAD. She goes to speak to him, and he’s all like, “I take it that you’ve been emancipated from slavery” (Abbie is black). AWKWARD. He does go on to say that he was against the slavery movement.  It was relatively amusing, so nicely done by the writers.

We also get this gem, “And when did it become acceptable for ladies to wear trousers.”


CREEPY PRIEST IS ALSO FROM 250 YEARS AGO. They also just happen to drive past his parish on the way to the caves where Ichabod awoke. Just so we can remember that there is a creepy lookin’ priest out there who knows something. Ichabod finds a bible (George Washington’s, I think?) and a passage from Revelations that mentions the four horsemen. Apparently the murderous, headless soldier is DEATH, HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE.


Death turns up where Creepy!Priest is and swings his axe around. The priest yells something in what I assume is Latin and shields himself a little, but then he gives up or something and says that he will never tell Death where something (we aren’t told) is. DEATH BEHEADS HIM.


Some bird leads Ichabod to his wife’s grave. He finds out that she was uh, burnt for witchcraft. He then tells Abbie that she can’t leave Sleepy Hollow because their fates are intertwined. YES.

Back when Abbie was in high school, she saw four white trees and some sort of demonic activity with her friends and then blacked out. They were found on the side of the road and no one believed them. And that apparently is why she knows what Ichabod feels like. GIRL, PLEASE. But they’re friends now or whatever. I SHIP IT. Abbie goes back to look at those unresolved cases she was discussing with Corbin (the cop killed by the murderous, headless soldier). Her superior turns up to spy on her or whatever and then gives us a dark, creepy look once she’s left the room. HE’S UP TO SOMETHING. ARREST HI–oh, oops.

Meanwhile, Crane has a vision of his wife. Apparently her grave is the location of the horseman’s skull. She’s trapped somewhere, by evil. Ichabod and Death are linked by some sort of hoodoo magic. If Death finds his skull, the other four horsemen will show up and THE END WILL COME. YESSSSS. She tells him that he’ll find answers in Washington’s bible and then screams for him to wake up, which he does..just in time for….Abbie to save him from being injected by the mean people at the mental facility. YAY.

JOHN CHO is sort of just walking around being his badass self. He sees the headless solder/Death and says “I know where it is.” WHAT*. WHAT ARE YOU UP TO, JOHN. Death turns up at the cemetery and starts shooting blindly. Heh. Eventually he gets into a fight with Ichabod. Meanwhile, JOHN CHO knocks Abbie out and gets all creepy. He seems to know all about Death. He says that he warned Abbie to stay away, and that she can’t kill Death…the end is coming blah blah. OH JOHN. She does something to him and escapes.
At some point, two more cops show up and approach Death. I swear that at this point it was still dark outside. These cops are hilarious.

Cop 1: “Put the weapon down! Put your hands on your….”

Cop 2: “What the hell is that?”

They deliberate over whether or not Death can hear them. PLEASE. Death starts shooting at them and they quickly duck out of the way. LOL. Somehow it’s now daylight? Or dawn, or something. Time flies when you’re having fun with a headless horseman, haha. After those two cops evade death, Death rides off with his gun raised in the air.

At the end, Ichabod says some stuff about he and Abby being witnesses who are destined to fight the evil or whatever. Meanwhile, somewhere in a cell, a voice tells John Cho that he’s failed. He pleads for another chance but the headless horseman kills him….THROUGH A MIRROR!!!!!!!!

This is my new favourite show, LOL. It makes no sense at all but just, yes. Next episode please.

*I seriously did not see the whole Evil!John Cho thing coming. BUT I LIKED IT. He better not be dead for reals.

4 thoughts on “OS: sleepy hollow (1×01), I have no idea what the plot of this show is but…

  1. Okay, just a big, fat WORD to everything you said. I’m loving this show so much. With SPN dying its slow, agonizing death, it feels good to be able to fangirl (ok maybe not totally fangirl just yet, but it’s feeling like it) over something new.

    I didn’t see the Evil!John Cho thing coming either. When he said to Death “I know where it is” I was like “HUH?” Did Death influence him, put him in a trance or something to do his bidding? Weird.

    But still! I’m loving it. Looking forward to the rest.


    1. I feel the same way! I’ve missed watching supernatural-ish shows. SPN doesn’t even count anymore, and Vampire Diaries was disappointing, so I had high hopes for this (and it didn’t disappoint!).

      I actually think their (albeit crazy) take on the four horsemen is already better than SPN’s was, because it’s just so…crazy. I did kind of roll my eyes at the apocalypse parts but I am actually looking forward to it.

      Haha! I was like that too! I was like, “WAIT, IS JOHN CHO POSSESSED?!!” And then when he flipped out it was just…hilarious. I love that this show doesn’t take itself seriously AT ALL. The night to day shift made me think of Bugs. That will never not be funny, lol.

      Anyway, I’ll forgive this show anything so long as the headless horsemen sticks around. FOREVER.


  2. This is one of those shows that sounds so ridiculous you can’t help but watch it. John Cho better not be dead, i think he’s the only person on this show I recognize. And an evil John Cho sounds fun. I’ll watch it Friday. That’s what we need on TV these days, evil John Cho and more headless horsemen.



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