Well, the episode titles are improving.

I am sure Dog Dean Afternoon will be an exquisitely disastrous episode that lives up to its name.

In other news that gag reel is out.

I have no interest in watching the season 8 one, because while I’m sure that they spent ten minutes carefully planning out what to include, the gag reels are as blatantly staged as the end of episode roadside conversation. I don’t need to see any more BJ mimes and crotch shenanigans, so none of that.

Despite the fact that you pretty much know what you’re getting with these shit reels, fandom (or well, parts of fandom) were enraged about a particular clip where Misha shoves Jensen’s head in the vicinity of his crotch.


PLEASE. Like they’re not all going to go out and buy the DVD. Like they don’t laugh like hopped up hyenas when Jared and Jensen do stuff like this. LIKE THEY WEREN’T EXPECTING AN INSANE AMOUNT OF CROTCH SHENANIGANS. Like this shit wasn’t aimed at them in the first place. Like they haven’t realised that every single male on the SPN set has a mental age of any digit not exceeding 9.




  1. What the fuck have they done with the gag reels since season 2? That’s the last one I watched (and it’s been 6 years) since I’ve never been particularly fond of them and i refuse to buy their dvds. Ugh whatever. Sounds stupid anyway.
    Here are a few examples of improved episode titles:
    “The End Is Near”, “The One Where Everyone Dies For Real This Time”, “Last Episode Ever”, “The Excruciating Death of Felicia Day’s Character”, “You Can Skip This One and the Four That Follow”, “What Is And What Should Never Be” -oh wait they used that in season 2. What a shame, I feel like that perfectly explains the show from season 4 on.
    Crotch shenanigans, geez if that’s what they do for fun no wonder they thought the endless line of dick roman jokes from s6 was a good idea. Idiots!! I’m also looking forward to laughing at Sleepy Hollow 🙂


    1. You can see them all on Youtube if you want to subject yourself to them, haha. They’re all so staged and stupid, that they’re no longer funny. I feel like the first two were honest to God-gag reels but then they got too much interest at cons and they started making a big deal out of it.

      LOL, WHAT IS AND WHAT SHOULD NEVER BE. Haha, you’re so right! And all of those titles are accurate, I think all of the season 9 episodes should just be titled “NO. ” because I’m sure that’s what my reaction will be if I watch any of them.

      The dick jokes really were terrible. I have a feeling that the cast and crew and writers really thought they were funny or whatever. Ugh.



  2. I’d rather eat mud than subject myself to pathetically staffed gag reels.
    I’m going to watch Sleepy Hollow Friday night when it reruns, I had no idea it premiered Monday.
    You could tell someone was just super fucking proud of themselves when it came to the dick jokes. A 9 year old could write more clever and mature material. The Dick jokes were so juvenile and lame they made “South Park” look like “The Mentalist”. Disclaimer: I’ve hardly seen any South Park made past 2005 so the above statement may not be as true as I think. Lousy metaphor anyway 🙂


    1. LOL, I agree! The SPN cast and writers always seem very self-congratulatory…it is very off putting. The one thing worse than not being good is thinking that you’re good when you’re really not.

      Oh yes! MENTALIST ON SUNDAY!!! I’m tentatively looking forward to it…haha. I didn’t like the season 5 finale much.



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