for those of us who still mourn the pada-hair’s glory days.

credit to JM.

I have no idea if anyone’s ever asked about the hair at the cons, but I can only imagine that Jensen Ackles (as Dean Winchester as Batman) would ensure that the person ceases to exist within seconds of asking. We can’t blame Jared for anything, guys. IT IS A CRIME. And Jensen Bruce Wayne Dean Winchester Ackles will punish us if we commit it. Be warned, y’all.

Jared’s reaction would probably be something along the lines of this, but like, inside his head or via his Twitter. ‘Cuz that’s how he rolls.



One comment

  1. Awright, you posted it! *high five* LMAO the only time I remember someone asking about the hair was ChiCon 2008, though the question was meant for Jared I think Jensen ended up answering it. IIRC she actually said she liked his hair in 1-2 and then “what happened?” Jensen gave the standard line about Jared having a chance to change the hair and he took it, etc etc etc.

    Bwahahahahahah… I don’t doubt he would! Trying to picture him now as Angry Baby.. XD



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