what is happening with jared’s face here?

season 8 of Faux-Macho-Natural, premiering this October on America’s BEST NETWORK!!!! It’ll be an unmissable event, guys. 

Actually, what’s happening with all of their faces? Jared looks like someone is denying him food (STEAK, OBVIOUSLY) and dangling it in his face from a distance. Jensen looks like he isn’t sure what facial expression he’s supposed to have and Misha looks discombobulated.

Don’t get me started on Jared’s hair. Sigh.



    What’s happened here is Dean and Cas have set a trap for Sam. He believes they are about to face of against whatever the fuck they’re fighting this week and they’ve been busy planning for days. Sam has not had time to eat sleep, or bathe apparently, and he’s very grumpy. He has been hallucinating various gourmet dishes for the last two days. So they all go into this house where Dean or someone has set a big plate filled with steak on the table but there is an invisible angel forcefield blocking Sam from getting to it. Dean and Cas decide to humor Sam and see if Cas can remove this mysterious force (which of course he can, he created the fucking thing) so Sam can finally eat. Cas uses whatever bullshit angel magic to destroy the barrier and Sam attacks the plate of food more convincingly than he’s attacked any monsters/demons for the past 4 fucking years. Sam is thrilled to have something to eat, so thrilled that he doesn’t notice that Dean and Cas are just standing in the corner suspiciously. After a few bites Sam feels rather woozy which didn’t surprise him, he hadn’t slept for days. He passes out mid-way through his steak dinner. Castiel proceeds to dump warm soapy water over his head and Dean grabs a pair of scissors. Then TO BE CONTINUED flashes up on the screen and a dramatic montage of scenes for next week plays. SEASON 9 YEAH!
    If only this were true 🙂


  2. LOL, you pretty much echoed my thoughts upon first seeing this pic. Jared looks like he’s trying to be all RAWRRR!Scary but he just looks so freaking ridiculous (and that hair in all its supergluey glory…bleh). Jensen looks like he couldn’t even be bothered to do it, Misha looks like…. “GRRRRRR you think they can look angry? Wait’ll you see ME be angry!….. Er ok no….”


    1. Maybe they’re foreshadowing season 9. The main plot will be that Sam, Dean and Crappiel are mystified by the fact that they have no idea what’s going on. Also Sam pines for Amelia’s baked goods.

      On another note…Jared’s boots, lol. What on earth is going on there?!


      1. LOL, possibly! Hm, maybe the boots are the result of Jared getting his sneakers blown off as he turns his gigantic superglued-helmethair-head and the gale force just ripped them away. They were in that abandoned building (or whatever it appears to be) and he found that old pair of boots lying there.

        Or something… heh. On another note I was LMAO because on my FB feed con pics were posted and this 50-something year old guy comments on every new Jared pic (not just the con ones, but the promo pics too) “He cut his hair, yippeeeee!” I’m like “no sir, you need new glasses.” The girl who got her photo op and gushed about how “fab and flowy” his hair was would disagree w/you. Oh faildom, you crack me up…



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