So, I watched Changing Channels….


But yeah, I feel like I should commemorate Jared for growing his hair out and letting the make up person do dreadful things to his face. It makes his odd facial expressions very unnoticeable in the later seasons.

samcc2 samcc

Actually, I’d take all of these weird faces over the Cousin Itt hair. In Jensen’s case, his face looks like this in 50% of every episode, so I wasn’t too thrown by his face.

And that was pretty much all I took from this episode. Everytime I found something sort of funny, one of them would pull a face. These guys are natural born contortionists. Cirque du Soleil awaits them. Or some sort of TV show based on Cirque du Soleil. Someone should pitch one to the CW.

In other news, WordPress wants me to turn on location tagging for “readers who love the same spot”. NO ONE ELSE BUT ME LOVES MY BED, WORDPRESS. We have a monogamous relationship, jeez.

Finale snark will be up…eventually. Possibly never.

12 thoughts on “So, I watched Changing Channels….

  1. “Actually, I’d take all of these weird faces
    over the Cousin Itt hair. ”
    LOL so true! I find it ironic that Supernatural is now worse than any of the shows they were mocking in that episode (I guess, I don’t watch any of the shows they made it a point to make fun of).
    I used to think Jared was cute but these days he just looks freaky. I’ll see older episodes and think “My God what happened? Cut your hair!” I guess I’d still like Jensen if I were into human cheesy poofs and dweeby guys.
    I don’t exactly know what location tagging is but I’m on the east coast. My IP address sometimes claims I’m in Norway. Your move WordPress…
    Have you heard the spinoff rumor? I saw something about the CW wanting to develop a spinoff based on a new character. WHY?!


    1. I’ve seen a few episodes of both Grey’s and CSI: Miami and they’re basically the Supernatural of their genre’s. And I doubt that the SPN writers were being tongue in cheek, so they were most likely deluding themselves.

      LOL. Jared seemed to hit 29/30 and bam…he looks very different. Jensen looks the same really, he’s good looking but not in a stand out way.

      I read about the spin off. If it was any other network, I’d be confident that it’d flop but…the CW is a flop, that is desperate to not let its money maker go. Good luck to them. I’ll probably watch the backdoor pilot, just to see the unlikable, terrible character they come up with. But I am pretty much done with Supernatural. I have no intention of watching season 9. I can’t take two more seasons of bullshit LOL.

      I still think the CW will crash and burn soon. Too many iffy one season shows. And not enough decent long running shows. Bleh.


  2. I can’t imagine the CW existing five years from now. Sooner or later Supernatural and the Vampires are going to end. The new shows look hilariously awful but I’ve only seen a few brief ads.
    I have no intentions of watching season 9 either. As questionable as my TV judgment may be I still have standards lol. I wish the guys had given up after season 5 like Kripke intended and moved on to better projects. They’re decent actors when they have decent material. Five years from now I bet Jensen will be the lame lead male detective on a lousy NCIS type show. Jared will be starring in the latest remake of Rapunzel 🙂


    1. I don’t know, seems like if they keep throwing money at Jared and Jensen, they will keep on doing Supernatural. I don’t see the TVD cast hanging around for 10 seasons though, so there’s that. None of the new shows sound good, and three of them are based on existing shows/a historical figure. The network has no original ideas of its own. Arrow, is based on a comic. TVD, books. Nikita, an existing show. Beauty and the Beast isn’t original (if they haven’t cancelled that). I think they have one other show that isn’t based on anything Upcoming shows (if the pilots don’t suck too badly) are a spinoff of…an existing show, one based on Flash and one based on Wonder Woman. They’re already limiting their audience IMO, and they don’t seem to ever hire any decent writers. Arrow was good fun until it became very stupid. Actually, I think that’s par for the course with all their shows.

      Five years from now, if the CW exists, Jensen will probably be the lame lead male detective on their first ever procedural show! Oh, it would kill him if his grumblings about CSI: Miami are anything to go by, lol.

      I look forward to Rapunzelecki! 😛


    I can’t believe someone was paid to write this. Wow.
    I tried to watch Arrow a couple of times for shallow reasons I’ll keep to myself, but I couldn’t deal with the stupidity of the show. Guy puts on a hood and talks in a funny voice and no one is supposed to be able to recognize him?! Give me a break. Not to mention I think it would be obvious that he is the arrow guy since none of that fuckery started until he came back into town. Whatever, show.
    I read that The Mentalist is writing Van Pelt and Rigsby out of the show after this season. I’m betting Red John kills at least obe of them OR one of them had been working for him all along.


    1. I expected more for a website called TV Rage! That article should have been raging about the hair not….praising it, jeez. LOL. Oh…Supernatural fans love meta about Sam’s hair 😛

      Arrow for the shirtlessness, right? 😀 Exactly! I think there was a period of episodes where he kept his shirt on and the silliness became very, very obvious. Before I could ignore it, but eh…the show needs much better writing. The fight scenes aren’t enough to carry the show.

      Have you heard about that new show Almost Human? It sounds so good!

      Omg, I was reading about that! It’s a bit of a weird thing for them to put out at the start of the season. I think that someone was unhappy…VP working (or being turned at some point) for Red John is my head canon. But I don’t see the show getting a seventh season…so…lol, I’ll take this with a pinch of salt. Cho is my fave (after Patrick) anyway, so I’m not too sad. Haha.


  4. Haven’t heard about Almost Human, I’ll look into it 🙂
    How funny, Cho is my second favorite too! Some people really dislike him, they can suck it. As long as they don’t kill off Cho, Patrick and Lisbon I’ll be a happy Mentalist fan.
    TV Rage has decent news sometimes (for Doctor Who at least) but then every couple of weeks they put up something like that. Sadly it’s not the first article I’ve stumbled on that goes on and on about Sam’s magical hair! Slow news days I guess.
    After watching Arrow for like 15minutes I also realized I could only tolerate 3 or 4 people on the show. I’m sure there is plenty of quality programming with ample shirtlessness. It’s not something I seek out often but it’s nice from time to time lol 🙂


    1. I’m excited for it! I should probably look for a trailer. I read ANDROIDS and was like, “OMG I’M IN!” hahaha. It’s probably the only show I’m genuinely excited for. Well…that and Sleepy Hollow for the lulz.

      Cho is awesome. People dislike him? Haha, they’re missing out. His snark and wit is one of the best things about the show. I love how he quietly indulges Jane because he knows that Jane gets results…no matter how inane his plans are!

      Sam’s hair is the only consistent plot point that Supernatural has, I suppose that we can’t blame them for writing about it. The season 9 hair doesn’t look promising, lol.

      Yeah, that was one of my issues with Arrow (and this season of SPN), making your show gritty and “dark” doesn’t mean that the characters have to be insufferable douchebags. But….people never seem to get that memo.

      I always seek out shirtlessness!! It makes the world so much brighter! 😛 Do you watch White Collar? Matt Bomer often has his shirt off 😀 It makes up for how silly that show can be at time.


  5. I haven’t watched White Collar yet but I remember Matt Bomer on Guiding Light around 2002-2003. He played a character who ended up going crazy and holding his ex-girlfriend hostage, then he shot her new boyfriend. Soap opera stories stick in my brain for some reason lol. Even as a psycho he was still the best looking guy on the show 🙂
    I hate when shows think they’re so edgy and they turn everyone into assholes to the point where I don’t even find the good looking people attractive anymore. They taint the hotness and it’s wrong!
    I think the Supernatural spinoff should be about Sam’s hair. It had clearly become it’s own entity and it must be stopped 🙂


    1. Hahahaa. Gotta love crazy soaps and their crazy storylines! White Collar is pretty good. It declined after season 3, but all shows do these days, haha.

      Yeah, I hate that too. If you want to make a character an asshole, then make them an asshole, don’t try and turn it around with some crap in the dying stages of the season, lol. I’m not sure how fans of SPN aren’t bored of being baited with the writers “repairing” the brother’s relationship, only to go and fuck it up all over again. Yawn.

      LOL. They should go for a Godzilla vs Sam’s Hair type of show. At this point, not even Batman can tame that mess. 😛


  6. So, I agree, Jareds hair needs to be cut and based on promo ads for season 9,it has been. Thank god! But to say SPN is the CW’s worst show, thats insane! It is their best!!! And Jensen Ackles is absolutely gorgeous They are both so talented and play so well off the other! Can’t wait for season 9!!!


    1. Well, I just saw a picture and his hair still looks pretty long-ish to me. I also don’t think I’ve said that SPN is the CW’s worst show, that would be a ridiculous statement to make considering that I only (barely) watch two of the CW’s shows. However it is the probably the worst network, which probably reflects on its shows (including SPN), so take that however you want to.



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