I’m gonna be chicagofireisstupidsnark for a moment.


So I decided to watch Chicago Fire. At first I liked it, but as I watched I began to skip large parts of it. This show is basically a train wreck, meaning that I need to carry on watching it*. Thanks for nothing, brain. This show is weird because, the action (like when the firemen are out at fires, bomb scares, car crashes etc) scenes are mostly great. When they’re out saving people, that’s when the show good. I mean, I didn’t even realise that wasn’t the premise of the show. I thought it’d be them saving people and investigating said fires. I was wrong.

(*For some reason I gave up halfway through the finale. I’m sure I’ll finish it because that’s sort of hilariously stupid of me.)
Anyway, this show is about a bunch of people, who are firemen/EMTs, who just happen to save people (unless they don’t), written by people who can’t really make me connect with these characters. Besides banter, most of the non-fire scenes are about relationships.  Every single “romantic” scene makes me want to poke myself in the eyes. All of them. They make me uncomfortable. WHY CAN’T THEY JUST SAVE PEOPLE AND ONLY EVER SAVE PEOPLE. They should all take vows of celibacy so we can keep the awkwardness to a minimum. Seriously. For instance, there’s Casey, the main (I think?) character and his on/off/on/off (due to death) relationship with his fiancee/ex-fiancee (Hallie). He loves her but spends a lot of time eye fucking one of the EMTs, Dawson, who spends 60% of her screen time staring at him…under the watchful eye of her boyfriend….who also works at the same firehouse as her and Casey. Hallie is aware of the eye-fucking, but not threatened by it.  LOVE TRIANGLE! This later turns into a love square.

Or rather, awkwardness x infinity.

As if that isn’t bad enough, we meet Severide, otherwise known as Lord Gaga or whatever. He’s the “manwhore”, who sleeps his way through his legions of admirers, until one episode when he saves a woman (Renee) who later becomes his sort of girlfriend, only after establishing that he had a fiancée once, who also happened to he called Renee. Said fiancée makes an appearance on the show and just, what is going on. This all comes after he hooks up with his lesbian roommate’s former conquest. I’VE JUST MET THIS CHARACTER, THIS IS TOO MUCH.

It gets worse. The 2nd Renee leaves for Spain, and after that his roommate decides to have a baby. This decision comes after she gets back together with her pregnant ex-girlfriend (who broke her heart), who proceeds to break up with her (again) a few weeks after she gives birth (just before they were about to sign a lease on their new apartment, because this show really wants you to feel the angst). And she wants Severide to be the father.Sigh. At one point he seems to be visibly upset about the fact that they won’t have to conceive the old fashioned way. Sigh. He’s also later falsely accused of sexual harassment, a storyline that seemed to just be tacked on in order to make him more interesting. Didn’t work. Naturally, the second Renee returns to Chicago with a bun in the oven. Sigh. By the end of it all so much has happened that I just don’t care.

The whole…drama factor is amped up to infinity all the time. Something stupid will happen and then a child arsonist (for no good reason) will die and you’ll want to cry. Or something else that’s sad will happen. And you’ll want to cry. Before you remember the stupidity that’s just occurred.

The show doesn’t really sell any of these characters as individuals. It’s not even a case of them being human or whatever, they just suck/are bland.  Apart from the  “villain” of the season, who they shove in jail for most of it. He’s basically this cop who’s pretending to be shady. I’d honestly rather watch a show about him, which leads me to topic of  episode 1.23. It appears to be a back door pilot to the spin off Chicago PD. Good luck with that, NBC, because I don’t know what that mess was.

But whatever, Jesse Spencer is hot.



  1. Lol I watched the whole season and actually enjoyed the show. Reminds me of an old show called Third Watch I used to watch. Your recap of sorts cracked me up because some of the character storylines are a bit ridiculous when you think of it. I knew the one guy’s ex would show up pregnant at the end of the finale, stupid bitch. The show is a bit like a soap opera but I’ll keep watching 🙂


    1. Haha! It is very soap opera ish, yes. I think because I watched it all in a week that I got annoyed with it quickly. Renee showing up was ridiculously obvious, but I suppose they will be writing her out anyway. The actress is now a season regular on Person of Interest. Lol, she’ll always be The Woman In White to me. 😛 Her/Severide was ridiculous anyway.

      I will throw the biggest hissy fit if Dawson and Casey get together. It cannot happen. They’re so awkward. Also…Peter Mills joining squad was such a ridiculous storyline. I wish they’d just not given him anything to do apart from play with the dog and cook, that’s where he shines. 😛


  2. Yeah the woman in white needs to go home and leave Chicago forever lol. I’m not crazy about her on Person Of Interest but that show will probably get goofy because everything involving JJ Abrams goes to hell sooner or later.
    Mills joining squad was random and ridiculous. Since that endeavor didn’t work out, he decided he’d rather be a cop, really? It’s not like they hinted at that he just suddenly decides “I’d rather do this dangerous job instead, they get to play with guns yay!” If Casey starts sleeping with Dawson so soon after his annoying girlfriend died I will annoyed as well. Leave them as friends. I don’t mind the show being soap-ish, as long as no one almost marries their brother or comes back from the dead. I’ll probably watch the spin off too.



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