the rest of season 8

I haven’t even attempted to watch an episode since the last one I saw…but I’m going to try and finish the season and get it out of the way. There’ll probably be something up by Friday. I don’t know if I’m going to do any of the ones I haven’t watched, is there any point? I do want to watch them though just to have it out of the way, and also because I have a few downloaded because I’m stupid.

I have no idea if I’m doing season 9. Ideally, I’ll be watching…but I’m extremely out of the loop right now and there’s a good chance that I’ll just forget that Supernatural exists between now and whenever the hell it airs. LOL.

Anyway…..ANOTHER SHITFEST OF A SEASON IS OVER! Rejoice with Carlton, people.


7 thoughts on “the rest of season 8

  1. Lmao at the Carlton! I have absolutely no desire to watch season 9. It’s going to be on Tuesdays which is possibly the most boring night for TV and I still have no desire to watch it. It would be more productive to watch Carlton dance for an hour 🙂


    1. Oh yeah, I’d forgotten about the Tuesday move! It’s even more inconvenient than Wednesday was, lol. I just want NCIS:LA to kill it in the ratings. I’m hearing that it’ll be the last but that was months ago and probably just hearsay unfortunately….but we can always hope.

      Lol I don’t see myself remembering to watch…I’ve cut ties with most SPN-related things.I’ll maybe catch the premiere but I’ll probably follow the schedule I did for this season, skip, skip, skip and watch one every two months.

      I would so watch Carlton shake his thing for an hour. Did you see Alfonso doing the dance on Graham Norton a few weeks ago? It was brilliant 😀


  2. Aww I’ll have to look for that on you tube! 🙂 As for Supernatural, even if NCIS LA crushes it in the ratings it’s still one of the most downloaded shows and I’m sure there are still tons of strange people buying the DVDs and any other lame merchandise with the word supernatural on it. I’m a little embarrassed to have season 4 on my shelf. I actually hid it the other day, now buried behind sessons 1-3. Maybe in ten years I’ll be able to enjoy the early years again but for now I want nothing to do with any of it… unless we’re making fun of it here 🙂


    1. LOL, yeah probably. There’s just no accounting for taste I guess…I have seasons 1-3 only thankfully. I removed all the rest from my amazon basket. If I ever go nuts and want to watch them, the internet will provide them for me lol.

      I’m always down with making fun of SPN. 😀 the cast/crew/writers seemingly have their heads in the clouds, so I think we’re well within our rights!


  3. I was given season 4 as a gift, someone thought they were being nice. She watched a couple episodes and apologized lol. I’d sell it if I knew someone who wanted it.
    If I had a computer I’d probably write little Supernatural parodies and put them together like a children’s book, complete with photo shopped pictures. Yes, my life is so boring that I would do that from time to time 🙂 If the people involved with the show don’t want it to be made fun of then they should stop treating the show as a joke. And it’s waaaay too late for that!


    1. I use to love this show until it turned into Twilight. Same thing over and over, Sam or Dean die, someone makes a deal. I would actually like to see a demon just once, not guy in business suits and sunglasses.



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