How wonderful.

I haven’t watched the episode (or any since the last post I did) but someone (for some reason) just told me what happened. All the angels have been expelled from HEAVEN!!!! Wooo!!! What an interesting development!!!! Such a great plot twist. I had no idea that this would happen, and it just makes me so excited for season 9! Here’s to another season of Cas whining about how hard his life is, while Dean whines about how hard his life is, because he’s sacrificed so much, yet people keeping letting him down, and none of it is his fault. Sam will just…be there, somewhere, with his hair looking ludicrous. Depending on what mood the writer is in, we may get a line or fifty about how Sam just wants a normal life/wishes he could save people again. So basically, CAKE!

Also, how great of them to bring Sarah Blake back just to kill her off. Sam’s PEEN’O’DEATH STRIKES AGAIN…just, it took a long while in her case. Oh well.



  1. They killed Sarah? What a pointless and dick move! I actually kinda liked her 7 fucking years ago when that episode aired and was relevant! I read an older post about the cursed Peen’O’Death a while ago and when i first saw it, I didn’t get it but a minute later I laughed until my face hurt 🙂
    I didn’t watch the finale either but my younger siblings felt the need to briefly recap it for me. All I can say is ugh. I have far more interest in reading your posts than actually watching an episode. Carver is clearly delusional. The question now is how could they possibly make this train wreck more ridiculous and less watchable? I hope what the actors are paid is worth it to then because they are wasting valuable time on this shit.


  2. It was a boring end to a boring season. There was not one standout episode. Bobby coming back for two seconds was the only bright spot. People are posting everywhere that the finale was the most awesome episode they’ve ever seen! Seriously?! They must have watched something else. I used to love this show. Now it sucks. They crap it out week after week just to keep going. I don’t know if I’ll waste my time with Season 9.



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