Heavenatus is over!!!!!!!!!


I didn’t watch 8×16, but whatever, skipping it so I can watch them as they air. I was gonna let them pass me by and catch up but then I realised how horrible that would be. (Yet, I’m sure that I’ll end up skipping a couple more! LOL.)

Recap of 8×17 should be up today or tomorrow. It’s called GOODBYE STRANGER. 




lie to me if you have to.


  1. I haven’t watched it yet but if what I was told is correct we see Castiel killing Dean at the beginning of the episode (but it wasn’t real) and later on he beats the fuck out of Dean. But then dumbass Cas snaps out of it because Dean pulls the “we’re family” card (BULLSHIT! YOU LIE DEAN, YOU LYING LIAR!) and Cas heals him. Despite the stupidity that is this show I still like Misha Collins (and I’d like him better on a real show that hasn’t become a parody of itself, like that old episode of Charmed he was on the other day lol) so maybe i’ll watch this one later. Or i’ll at least watch Cas beating up that wig wearing, harem shake video making, son of a bitch.


    1. Siiigh, I at least enjoyed all the dead Dean’s! 🙂

      Hahaha, ‘harem shake’ cracked me up more than it should have. LOL, sounds like the plot of a future episode. “Sam and Dean are forced to become harem dancers in order to rescue the 63th angel tablet from the seedy nightclub it’s buried beneath”.

      Eh, I am not a fan of Misha, lol, he’s become unbearable. But I’d like him to be on another show too haha.



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