season 9!!!!!!!!

I can’t wait for more: questionable acting (everybody), questionable hair (JAAAAAAAYRED), questionable tans (Jensen), on-screen pointlessness (Saint Misha Collins and the angels, Crappy!Crowley…everuone), punchable characters (Garth, Felicia Day, Kevin….everybody), abysmal writing (every episode) and fucking ridiculous, half-assed, poorly thought out plot (Carver, this one’s on you) and……BIZARRE CAMERA ZOOMS that make the show look like some sort of low-budget, fan made horror movie.


Also, more half naked women being tortured!!! FOR RATINGS!!



BRAVO, Cash Whore Network,




  1. Great, another year of shitty stories and the further destruction of once great characters. Maybe if we’re real lucky they’ll bring Felicia Day on full-time in season 9! She and Jared can braid each others hair while Jensen paints himself brown/orange. That season later ends with Sam getting locked in a high tower far away and Dean pulls a Rapunzel style rescue. They make a run for it but Sam’s hair is slowing them down. Rather than cut and wash it, they call upon fucking Felicia Day. She distracts the monster of the year by making out with some bimbo (ooh maybe Meg!) Then Cas appears for no fucking reason, zaps them to a safe place but Sam is devestated to find Kevin is there holding his favorite cake hostage. This propmts Sam to have several cake flashbacks while Dean continues to do nothing except turn darker shades of orange. Woohoo season 9!
    Waste of everyone’s time. I bet they take it to 10.


    1. LOL. I want to frame this comment. It is hilarious and probably what will happen! Dean’ll probably be red by the time we reach season 10. Which yeah, I’m not sure why they didn’t just announce a double renewal. I’m 99.9% sure that 10 will happen. Considering that the three year plan has already faltered….I dread to think of how bad this show will be by then. :/


  2. What’s sad is that makes more sense than any of the last few season finales. When I heard Carver had a three year plan I thought they were joking. I have no hope whatsoever for the future of this show. If we didn’t mock it we’d go crazy/crazier.



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