HEAVENATUS IS UPON US!! So, I plan on watching the last two episodes this week.

Which calls for a….RECAP! Or well something, just in case I’m disappointing someone severely by not posting anything. Usually, I’d be all like:


And seriously, this fandom has a one track mind.


How scandalous!


8.01 – Sam refuses to cut his hair. Dean has a glowing arm. Dean growls. Sam is mean to Dean. Crowley shows up. Kevin shows up. The same plot from an old season shows up.

8.02 – On The Road With The Tran’s featuring Matt From Bugs and…Thor’s Hammer.


8.04 – Douchebags being douchebags

8.05 – Benny being a stupid douchebag while Sam spirals into flashback repeatedly. Sam meets Benny. SAM GETS ANGRY. SAM MORPHS INTO THE INCREDIBLE HULK. Sam refuses to cut his hair.

8.06 – DJ Qualls is annoying. Sam has sex. Dean is bamboozled by a coin that gets its own SPECIAL SPN MONTAGE.

8.07  – At Home With The Tran’s! Dean is attacked by a bear statue (I DON’T CARE OKAY. THAT’S WHAT I TOOK THAT SCENE TO BE). Kevin is not killed off. Sam refuses to cut his hair but saves the day…but not really. Still, DEMON BOMB. Castiel is attacked by two eye-shaped lightbulbs AND SAVES THE DAY. Crowley is useless.


8.09 – This one got a tweet out of Jared so I already know it’ll be crap.


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