Lmao, please.

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According to WordPress, today is my one year blogging anniversary. Yay! It’s been a year since I lost the plot and started wasting an extra hour of my life writing about how shit Supernatural is now.

I will celebrate commiserate with double snark (or triple, if I decide to wait until hiatus – I assume they’re stopping after episode 10? y/n?)

Haven’t watched the last episode, I don’t even know what number episode we’re on right now. Bliss. I keep on seeing these articles with questionable statements like, The best thing about Supernatural season 8 is it’s ability to combine drama and comedy.

I don’t think so.

Most shows run out of steam by their eight season but Supernatural hasn’t blah blah. SEASON GR8!!!!!

And okay, that’s true enough. Supernatural ran out of steam during it’s fifth season. All of these bullshit articles are amusing. Any old idiot can write them these days anyway. Unbiased article writing doesn’t even exist any more.

Unbiased articles never existed for Supernatural, lol.


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