Jared and Jensen sign up for seasons 9 & 10.









Oh and for those dumbasses who want to follow in Smallville’s footsteps. Remember what happened to that show.





  1. They were thinking: “Oh, steady income”, except I’m pretty sure doing more seasons is going to hurt their career. They’re going to get typecast. In the best case scenario. I feel like they should be doing other things already. They’re not getting younger and while they’re not bad actors, there are so many more talented actors out there. Boooo.


    1. They probably were, yeah lol. But at this point it’s not like they need it. And yup, agree about hurting their careers. I get that Jensen wants to go into directing and whatnot but still.They both look bored at times on SPN. It’s actually kind of sad. They’re both good enough to have gotten another show I feel. They definitely should have moved onto other things by now. IMO part of being an actor is knowing when to stop and move on.

      Oh well, haha. There’s still time for them I guess, if they’re lucky.


  2. Supernatural is my favourite show and I would love for it to keep going… I really want hings to of course end on a good nite making there lives as hunters no longer needed. Wouldn’t it be great for there parents to returns along with bobby and other dead characters that’s my wish anyway. Stop bitching because at least with supernatural they can go in any directions they want where as smallville had to end with Clark becoming Superman. For all we know we could be well within a treat. Now they have a new leader the show might get better because season 7 for me was not that good I’m hoping for an awesome new arc.


    1. IMO, the show hasn’t been any good since season 5. Sure Carver coming in good change that. But the spoilers don’t sound promising (to me). As for the bitching, hey an opinion is an opinion. I’m just speaking my mind.

      Smallville went on for far too long as far as I’m concerned and SPN is heading down the same road.



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