snoredom: Let’s talk about vampires.

Lol, as someone who witnessed many TVD vs SPN arguments the most popular one was the vampires on SPN were better. Which makes no sense but whatever.

Season 1

Those bad ass crazy ass vampires who were kind of …badass. THEY ACTUALLY KILLED/TURNED PEOPLE. I think.

Season 2

Vampires who…drank animal blood and were all moral and shit. (As was Stefan on TVD at one point so…eh).

Season 3

  • That one vampire who was a total pansy and sad because his family was killed or something. HE ACTUALLY CRIED DURING THE EPISODE. CRIED. A VAMPIRE. CRYING.
  • Gordon Walker – B A D A S S.

Season 4 – 5

Wisely, there were no vampires or I have blocked it out by now.

Season 6

  • I am not sure what these vampires were like,  the episode was pretty stupid. Thus, the vampires were stupid.
  • ALPHA VAMPIRE. I don’t really want  to talk about him.

Season 7

ALPHA VAMPIRE. Really don’t want to talk about him.

Season 8

ALPHA VAMPIRE. Will supposedly be back. I will attempt to ignore it.


…so in conclusion, the best part about the vampires on Supernatural was basically Gordon Walker. WHO THEY KILLED. I’m waiting for them to bring him back. Crap, I’ve jinxed it.



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