And so it starts…

Filming has begun! And we already got a love interest up in here.

Another year of annoying spoilers and annoying set pictures. Huzzah! It’s not that I don’t like seeing the set pictures. Well I don’t but that’s not the point, the point is that I’m too much of a miserable person to get excited over pictures of actors….basically standing around. Granted for the people taking the pictures it’s probably a lot more interesting but they’re all so fucking tedious. But fans see them and are like OMG NEW PICTURES OF THE BOYS STANDING AROUND, OMG THIS IS BREAKING NEWS, THIS IS AMAZING. AND WONDERFUL AND OMG. CAN’T WAIT UNTIL SEASON 8!!!!

And I’m just like, “Oh pictures. That’s nice”.

There’s a shit-ton of fans and one of me. SEE MY PROBLEM WITH THIS SITUATION?

BUT OMG THE PADAHAIR LOOKED GOOD….Oh shut up,  I know I’m a hypocrite. 


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