“Brothers fans” need to STFU.

Yeah, so “brothers fans” are unhappy with the way the season ended. With Sam and Dean apart.

The reason why they need to STFU is because they do not give a shit about the quality of the show. These people watched season 7 and were like. “GOD I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH, OMFG” but apparently reached their limit by the season finale. Because according to these people Misha Collins is the Antichrist and ruined the show that they still love. Or something, I don’t know. And now they’re creating petitions and emailing the CW people and the writers (because those guys give a shit, like they don’t know that at least half of these morons will watch either way). Someone may be posting letters too, because the CW read those too.

But they’re so fucking annoying and irritatingly stupid. Like the writers are going to leave Sam and Dean isolated for an entire season. Like we’re already midway through season 8. Lord have mercy on their fuzzy, little brains.

Oh, and FTR, Cas fans should always STFU but I quite like how they’re pissing off the “brothers fans” just by breathing.

Why wont this show end already?



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