Alternative career prospects for Jared and Jensen, assuming that they remain on the CW.


 Two random room-mates living in a room. They wake up one day as….shadows. Hilarity ensues. Or something.


Do I need to explain this one?

Jensenly Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Jensen Ackles is adored and envied by all, but one day [insert dramatic event] happens and Jensen is forced to investigate his entire apartment complex, street and eventually city to figure just who was jealous enough to [insert horrible action] and bring them to justice because…his city doesn’t have a police force.  He also shoots guns a lot. At people and inanimate objects.

Le Stripper

He was a college dropout who stripped in bars for money. Cancelled after 3 episodes due to lack of plot development.

They Call Me The Workin’ Man.

Jensen Ackles stars as Winchester Dean, a high profile model who reaches the age of 30 and decides that he wants to do some real  work. So he becomes a trainee mechanic who just happens to take his shirt off a lot.




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