post: sera gamble leaving the show = season 8 magically improving.

……..mmm, yeah. How about no. I have been having a good laugh though at morons who are overjoyed by this change. She introduced domestic!dean they said. Well, she implemented it. Introduced it? Did she write Swan Song?


Admittedly, 99.9% of what she did was bullshit and yeah she’s basically a moron. But her leaving doesn’t mean the shows going to get any better and ugh, I’m so fucking fed up of everyone ~rejoicing.


4 thoughts on “post: sera gamble leaving the show = season 8 magically improving.

    1. Aw, back when I still cared about the show. Kinda.

      LOL, she kind of does, doesn’t she? I can remember almost all of season 6-7 but 8-9 is mostly blank. Her plot lines might have been crap but at least it was memorable (and relatively interesting) crap.


  1. According to someone at TWOP, Gamble tried to make the show into a ‘film noir’ (see Raymond Chandler novels and/or black in white movies featuring men in fedoras for details). Once I read that, I could see what she was going for. I just can’t understand why on earth she would do that or think that the fans of a show about contemporary brothers on a monster hunting roadtrip would like it.


    1. Yeah, the ‘flim noir’ thing was bandied around by Sera, Eric and Singer but they made sure she was the only one to say it on record. I think she was a little off the mark with the genre, but there’s a lot of hypocrisy surrounding season 6-7. A lot of the fans were receptive to the film noir thing towards the beginning but then stuff like Jensen publicly disliking the storylines and her getting rid of Cas (temporarily) led to a lot of animosity. And even now people are still a lot less harsh on Carver than they were on her. Could it be misogyny? I don’t know.



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