The Five Worst Episodes of Supernatural in 2011 – #5

This is not in any particular order. the last two seasons have been shit

The French Mistake

Reasons why it was fucking awful

– it was a meta episode, meaning that the writers wrote an abysmal script that was deemed awesome because it was about Jared and Jensen and that chick from season 4 was in it.
– it is now half of the fandom’s favourite episode. This is reason enough to hate it. Oh that and the fact that half of them are lying.
-The whole co- stars that hate each other? Try and bore me some more writers, try!
– Eric Kripke – in the episode – was shot numerous times for no apparent reasons. It wasn’t funny. It was tragic. I mean, I don’t know how anyone with a brain found it funny.
– genevieve padalecki/cortese/ruby/why did they add to the torture?
– Misha
– Jared and Jensen looking confused. This isn’t humorous, it’s just fucking annoying after about five minutes.
-Balthazar’s opening speech was fucking inaudible. I didn’t understand a word.
– IT WAS SO FUCKING AWKWARD. and I define awkward. I can deal with awkward but not this.

I don’t remember much more because I was so fed up of feeling awkward that I played music over the worst parts. I PLAYED MUSIC OVER IT. MUSIC. I COULDN’T HANDLE IT. fuck you sera gamble.

High points: ERIC BRADY! Padaleski.
Low points: the entire episode, genevieve playing herself fantastically!

Next: the one with the kidney

Yeah, Dean. What the actual fuck.




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