snarkism: I blame the CW for everything.

Every once in a while (at least once a month) fans of the show find a reason to blame the CW for the latest break down in the attempts to achieve world peace (read: appease spn fans). Usually it’s the lack of promotion. The lack of a promo longer than 35 seconds, the fact that they recycle promo pictures or photoshop them beyond belief. They moved the show to Friday nights because they wanted it to fail.

I mean, it’s not like they are the ones responsible for the show being on air. And hey, it’s not as though fans are the ones funding the CW uselessness, you’re not paying ridiculous amounts to go to conventions, you don’t buy every single shitty tie in novel, the official magazine? – nah. Or how about the DVD’s, the anime, trading cards. You’re not buying any of that shit.

Because if you are you’re just funding their negligence. Know this.

Today: The See-Double-You are closing their message boards. No big deal right? Wrong. This is obviously a heinous crime.

If you’re not bothered by this then you have no heart. You just have an actual life. There’s no fun in that. None at all.



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