This is hilarious.

This guy on reddit has been posting about how he hired a hitman on himself and decided to toy with him [the hitman]. I have no idea if it’s true but it’s all kinds of hilarious:

So I’m in some random starbucks in the middle of downtown Las Vegas typing this out for reasons that are beyond me. I guess that if I die I want at least someone to know what happened to me. You’re probably getting the impression that I am scared for my life, but you would be completely wrong. In fact I’m having the most fun I’ve ever had; this is by far the best game I’ve ever played. Now enough of my babbling, let me indulge you on why I hired a hitman on myself. 

There are five parts (at my last count) – if you click on his name (murdering_time) and go to the submitted tab you can find the links to parts 2-5.

This looks like a promo for a SyFy Original movie.

Dreaminlace made me watch this ‘Year of the Deanmon/Deanmon Rises’ trailer. More like Dire-mon Rises…jeez.

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OS: I Heart Nick Carter (1×01) + some spn related waffle

I know what you’re thinking. Who wants to watch a show about Nick Carter? The answer is probably a surprising number of people. He has some crazy fans. Last I heard, they’d raised money to fund a movie he was doing called ‘Evil Blessings’. I’ve heard nothing about said movie since. But that could be because I unfollowed him on Twitter. However, he’s still the hottest Backstreet Boy, and I’m still a Backstreet fan, so…here I am. Anyway, onto the show!

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OS: Real Housewives of Orange County (Season 9)

I wasn’t going to post this, but…I’d written it already so… why not?

I had to snark about these bitches sometime! I don’t really care much about these shows past laughing at their stupidity but the drama is always over some dumb shit every season. I seriously wonder about the safety of the water supply in these Real Housewives locations. Or the money must be good for them to be acting all crazy over nothing.

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How did I miss this??

I just found out that Television Without Pity closed down! I’m five months late but damn. I’ll miss their snark but not their 15 page recaps. Some of them just went on. Regarding the forums, I liked to read those sometimes. The Supernatural forum was overrun with Jensen lovers who spent an inordinate amount of time posting about how amazing he was in the episode, and how bad ‘Padalecki’ was in comparison. I don’t necessarily disagree with that but they went on about it constantly…so…I avoided it.

The main thing is that they were all about the snark, so it’s sad to see them go.

This week’s ramble.


I’m just going to freestyle here and I’m challenging myself not to curse. It’s amazing how those sneak in here. During the recaps it is understandable but I just drop f-bombs like they’re hot these days! So you get a new me. For one post. On a trial basis.

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the joys of the comment section

These days a lot of articles online don’t make much sense unless you have some context. I guess people assume that everyone else follows everyone on Twitter and elsewhere, and it is an easy way to get more hits. Unfortunately for them, I can’t be bothered with all of that so I just go straight to the comments. Comments are probably the best and worst thing about the internet. There are some assholes, some people who don’t seem to be in their right mind and some who enter the discussion without having any plan to actually discuss anything. All in all reading comments can either be hilarious or really frustrating. I don’t really post comments much myself. Not because I don’t want to but because I can’t be bothered. I finally gave in and made a disqus account, but they like to sign me out every two days, so I just lurk.

For the most part I only really read comments on sports articles and reality TV recaps (feel free to judge me!) and there’s not much difference.

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